Carbon and energy

Delivering water and sewerage services is energy intensive. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce energy consumption, reduce the generation of greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience against climate change.

Energy Management

We are committed to reducing both energy use and carbon emissions.

Our Energy Strategy acts on the growing global movement towards taking meaningful action on climate change by reducing our energy use from high carbon sources and increasing our focus on renewable energy generation. 

The strategy seeks to achieve best practice energy management that delivers shorter-term energy costs savings and supports longer term energy resilience, by 30 June 2021, by adopting three approaches;

  • Future planning and preparedness
  • Energy management systems
  • Realise energy opportunities


Hydro is the largest contributor to renewable generation in Australia. We have 4 mini-hydro electricity generators in Canberra - Bendora Dam, Stromlo Water Treatment Plant, Googong Dam, and at the outlet of the Murrumbidgee to Googong (M2G) pipeline at the discharge point to Burra Creek.

These mini-hydros reduce electricity costs and from the need for fossil fuel generators. 

Carbon Reduction and Offsets

Today, our greenhouse gas emissions represent a little over 1% of ACT’s total emissions and are mostly generated from electricity use to operate our larger sites, and as a result we are specifically targeting those sites for future emission reduction programs.

We follow the carbon hierarchy involving avoidance, efficiency, substitution and carbon offsetting as the overarching framework to reduce emissions.

A key initiative that we have introduced to offset our greenhouse gas emissions involved securing approximately 740,000 tonnes of carbon sink forestry offsets in New South Wales and Western Australia which help sequester carbon.