• What does Icon Water do?

    Icon Water Limited owns and operates the water and sewerage assets and business in the ACT. We provide high quality drinking water and sewerage services to the ACT and surrounding regions. Icon Water operate our business in accordance with environmental and sustainable practices and promise to continue enhancing the lives of Canberrans to ensure the community can flourish for generations to come.

  • What are Icon Water's water and sewerage assets?

    A map indicating Icon Water's water and sewerage assets is available by clicking here.

  • Why rebrand to Icon Water?

    Icon Water represents a business that has been trusted for 100 years to deliver a quality product that represents value to our customers and our community.

    The icon theme also draws on the contributions that our organisation has made to the lives of Canberrans and the region over the last 100 years – whether that’s an environmental, economic or recreational contribution.

    The name Icon Water is not just a name however, it expresses a brand promise to our workforce and to our community about who we are and what we do. Our brand promise is one of quality, value and trust. Quality in the products and services we provide; value in the product that the community receives and enjoys; and trust in knowing that our people can and will deliver in the most sustainable and efficient way.

    Whether it’s running through the sprinkler as a kid; spending lazy afternoons picnicking by our dams and rivers; or how we managed our lives during the millennium drought – water is an icon for how we live.

    ACTEW Water experienced ongoing brand confusion with ActewAGL for many years. We needed to eliminate this brand confusion once and for all.

    Given the changes in our organisation over recent years, the name ACTEW Water is no longer strictly relevant to what we do and who we are as a business. For example, we are no longer involved in providing “electricity” and we needed to stop making reference to it in our name (ACTEW: ACT Electricity and Water).

    Importantly, this rebrand has provided us the opportunity to refocus the organisation for next 100 years, ensuring we are a relevant, focused and trusted water and sewerage utility for Canberrans.


  • Will customers be provided a refund due the removal of the carbon tax?

    No. The independent regulator (ICRC) approved price did not include the cost increase associated with the introduction of the carbon tax. Icon Water absorbed the costs of the carbon tax. The gain from the removal of this tax will be reinvested into the community through the dividends that we pay to our shareholder (The ACT Government) on an annual basis.

  • Where can I find out more information about Permanent Water Conservation Measures?

    Permanent Water Conservation Measures have been in force in the ACT since 1 November 2010. These are mandatory and enforceable.

    Click here to look at the water conservation and restrictions information on our website.

  • Who enforces water restrictions regulations in Queanbeyan?

    A service level agreement exists between Icon Water and the Queanbeyan City Council. Icon Water supplies water to Queanbeyan at a bulk price, Queanbeyan City Council then manages the distribution and pricing of water according to its own regulations.

    The agreement states that Queanbeyan City Council will mirror current ACT water use regulations. Permanent Water Conservation Measures and any Temporary Water Restrictions will therefore be applied by Queanbeyan City Council as well. For information regarding water management within Queanbeyan, call Queanbeyan City Council on 6298 0233.

  • How can I calculate my average daily water usage?

    Reading your water meter is a simple way to get an indication of how much water your household is using. By comparing daily readings taken at the same time each day for a week, you will be able to calculate your average daily water usage. Then see how it compares against the daily targets for this time of year.
  • What are the best ways to save water inside and outside the home?

    There are many ways in which we can all save water inside and outside our homes. Click here to find a range of tips that are easy to adopt and will soon become life-long habits. Don't forget that many of the measures you put in place at home can be used at school and work as well.

  • What are Icon Water’s water security projects?

    Icon Water has undertaken a range of works to secure the water supply for our region. The water security projects completed include the Enlarged Cotter Dam, and the Murrumbidgee to Googong Water Transfer.

  • Who manages the water supply in Queanbeyan?

    Icon Water provides bulk water to Queanbeyan City Council (QCC) under a contractual arrangement. Queanbeyan City Council is then responsible for the distribution of the bulk water supply to its customers taps.

  • When will the water security projects be complete?

    The Cotter Dam enlargement is due for completion in autumn 2013 and the Murrumbidgee to Googong Water Transfer is due for completion in August 2012.

  • Who are the Bulk Water Alliance?

    Icon Water, working with ActewAGL, formed the Bulk Water Alliance with design partners GHD and construction partners John Holland and Abigroup. The Bulk Water Alliance is responsible for the design and construction of the Cotter Dam enlargement, the Murrumbidgee to Googong Water Transfer and the Googong Dam Spillway remediation works.

  • What is the Cotter Dam Discovery Trail?

    The Cotter Dam Discovery Trail was built in response to feedback from the community and provides the ultimate view of the Cotter Dam enlargement construction works. The attraction includes a 1.4km loop trail which leads you along the Cotter River and through the surrounding natural environment. From the 16-metre wide amphitheatre style viewing platform visitors have direct views to watch construction of the dam. Click here for further information on the Cotter Dam Discovery Trail or call our community information line on (02) 6248 3563.
  • What is the Cotter Dam Education Kit?

    Icon Water’s Cotter Dam Education Kit was written by teachers for teachers and includes a range of useful resources in various media formats, such as printed materials, CD ROM and videos. Through the kit local students will learn about the environment and history of the Cotter area and its significance to our city’s water supply. Click here to learn more about the Cotter Dam Education Kit.
  • How can I book a Cotter Dam school group tour?

    Icon Water offers school group guided tours of the Cotter Dam via the Cotter Dam Discovery Trail. To book a school group guided tour email talktous@iconwater.com.au or call 6248 3111.
  • Where can I access photos of Icon Water’s projects?

    You can access photos of Icon Water’s operations, projects and events in our Photo Gallery by clicking here.