Tackling modern slavery – our principles

We respect human rights and consider modern slavery1, in any form, to be unacceptable. As an employer, we are committed to providing a safe work environment free from modern slavery. We are also committed to working with suppliers to identify and tackle any modern slavery throughout their operations and supply chains. 

To find out more about our commitment and approach, please read our Modern Slavery statement – Addressing modern slavery risks in our business.

This document outlines the actions taken to identify and address modern slavery risks in both our business and supply chains. Our workers are required to uphold clear standards of conduct (or principles) and we encourage suppliers within our supply chain to embrace similar values. 

Modern slavery refers to situations of exploitation and coercion such as servitude, forced labour, human trafficking, debt bondage, forced marriage and child labour.

Our principles for Icon Water’s workers and suppliers

  • We do not tolerate acts of modern slavery.
  • We urge suppliers to tackle modern slavery throughout their operations and supply chains.
  • We are implementing mechanisms for identifying, reporting, investigating and resolving any incidents of modern slavery in the operations and supply chains of our suppliers.
  • Any recruitment agencies working with us are expected to actively address behaviours which may increase the risk of modern slavery.
    • These behaviours include charging workers fees for recruitment and any actions that suggest debt bondage or forced labour.
  • Our organisation, and its suppliers, must not hold, retain or ask workers to relinquish their own original identification papers or personal documents.
    • These include bank cards, passports, visas and other identification documents.
  • Employment is freely chosen. All workers have the freedom to terminate their employment at any time without penalty.
    • Subject to giving notice and otherwise complying with applicable fair work laws or employment contracts.
  • Suppliers must comply with local laws of employment for young workers.
  • Workers are expected to support our commitment to tackling modern slavery across all parts of our business and supply chains.
  • We take measures to ensure all of Icon Water's workers are legally able to work in Australia.