A new chapter

New name.
Renewed focus.

We've changed our name to Icon Water.

We have been supplying Canberra with top quality water and wastewater services for 100 years. This year we're changing our name, and renewing our commitment to our community.

At Icon Water we promise to continue enhancing the lives of Canberrans to ensure prosperity in the community for generations to come.

You can expect us to be reliable, efficient and helpful. We'll take care of the essentials, so you can take care of the rest of life.

A new icon

The new name and brand of Icon Water represents a business that has been trusted for around 100 years to deliver quality products and services that represent value to our customers, and to the community.

Icon Water expresses a brand promise of quality, value and trust. Quality and value in the products and services that the community receives and enjoys, and trust in knowing that our people can and will deliver the best product in the most sustainable and efficient way.

Why the change?

- Brand confusion in the community we operate in
- The name ACTEW was no longer relevant to our operations
- Disconnect between our origins and our future
- Recommended by Board, endorsed by our Shareholders (ACT Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister)

Moving Forward

- Same passion and pride
- Refocus Icon Water for the next 100 years
- Brand promise of quality, value and trust

Importantly, this rebranding process has provided us with the opportunity to refocus the organisation for the next 100 years, ensuring we are a relevant, focused and trusted water and sewerage utility for the region.

What does this mean for you?

Bills and other communications from now on will be branded 'Icon Water'.
All billing and direct debit remain unchanged. You will start to see our people and vehicles around Canberra with the new logo.

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