What we do

Icon Water protects and supports the community and the environment by providing high quality drinking water and wastewater services to the ACT and surrounding regions. Our water and sewerage network is over 6440km of pipeline delivering more than 100 megalitres of water each day and treating over 29 gigalitres of wastewater each year. At Icon Water we promise to continue enhancing the lives of Canberrans to ensure the community can flourish for generations to come.

Strategic Goal and Objectives

Icon Water’s strategic planning takes account of two timeframes:

  • long term - out to about 8–10 years, reflected in our strategic goal
  • medium term - 3–5 years, reflected in our strategic objectives.

Strategic Goal

Our strategic goal represents an ambitious, long term outcome to be achieved through coordinated collective effort from across Icon Water. 

The premier, most trusted water utility.

Strategic Objectives

Our strategic objectives represent medium term outcomes to be achieved through specific strategic and actions.

Sustainable financial returns and reduced gearing.

A culture that protects, engages and develops our people.

Excellence in asset management.  

Meeting customer needs, exceeding customer expectations.  

These strategic goals and objectives will be achieved through four strategies: Culture, Asset Management, Brand and Financial.

Further details about these strategies are contained in our Statement of Corporate Intent (2016-17 to 2019-20).