Belconnen Trunk Sewer Upgrade Projects

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Icon Water is currently planning upgrades to the Belconnen trunk sewer. The Belconnen trunk sewer was built in the 1960s and is a critical part of the Belconnen sewerage network which serves Belconnen, Gungahlin and Hall. Icon Water is planning for the future of Belconnen and these projects are an important to ensure we can continue to provide services for gnerations to come.

We want to ensure that all of the Belconnen sewer upgrade projects  are understood, even if they may not occur at the same time.

Why do we need to upgrade the sewer?

Like most of Australia’s capital cities, Canberra’s population is growing and this increases demand on our water and sewer infrastructure. Major development has recently occurred in the Gungahlin region, and planned development at the University of Canberra, the new suburb of Lawson and the CSIRO's Ginninderra Field Station, mean that the sewer is nearing capacity and needs to be upgraded to ensure it can continue to meet demand. 

During extreme wet weather events, rainwater and an already steady flow in the sewer can result in sewage escaping from the sewer pipes into Ginninderra Creek. Icon Water appreciates how valued the environment and waterways are and these projects will ensure that any risk of overflow into local waterways is significantly reduced.

In addition to improving capacity, the network also requires some extra ventilation and odour control  units (OCU) to protect new and existing sewerage infrastructure and minimise impacts to the surrounding community. See our factsheet on the project need

The Belconnen trunk sewer  upgrades will comprise a variety of projects over the next few years. They include:

 Project Name  Status of Project Anticipated Construction Start


Project 1

Belconnen trunk sewer augmentation pipeline

Latham North Odour Control Unit (OCU)

  • Site selected 
  • Concept design completed
  • Planning process commenced – Draft Environmental Impact Statement currently being prepared for the project
 Mid 2020
Project 2 Latham OCU
  • Site selection and concept design in progress
Late 2020
Project 3 Florey OCU
  • Site selection and concept design in progress
Late 2020
Project 4 Evatt OCU
  • Site selection and concept design in progress
Late 2020

 Upgrade project areas showing approximate locations for each project