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Community Feedback Opportunities

When can I provide feedback?

Public feedback is important to us, and is essential to ensuring community views inform the development of these projects.

Feedback provided by the community to assist the environmental impact statement (EIS) for Project 1 was used to inform the development of the detailed project design and construction approaches for Projects 2, 3 and 4.

Approval has now been granted on all Development Applications (DAs) and the EIS has been deemed complete.  

Project Name Status of Project Construction Start

ProjectNameStatus of ProjectConstruction Start


Project 1

Belconnen trunk sewer augmentation pipeline

Latham North Odour Control Unit (OCU)
  • EIS (201800022) complete


  • Development Approvals granted (refer Notice of Decisions 201935509 and 202037223)

March 2021


Early 2022

Project 2Latham OCU
  • Development Approval granted (refer Notice of Decision 201935629)
May / June 2022
Project 3Florey OCU
  • Development Approval granted (refer Notice of Decision 201935628)
April 2022
Project 4Evatt OCU
  • Development Approval granted (refer Notice of Decision 201935627)
  • DA Amendment in progress to account for ancillary changes.
April 2022

If you would like to receive regular updates as these projects progress, please complete the online feedback form HERE.

Project timeline