Drink Tap

Sometimes the best thing to drink with your meal is water straight from the tap, and we are proud to provide Canberrans with some of the best quality water in Australia.

Woof Water is here! 

As part of Refill Canberra we are rolling out free bamboo Woof Water bowls to the dog friendly cafés and restaurants across Canberra that have signed up to the Icon Water carafe program. Woof Water is our way of ensuring that our best friends can also enjoy Canberra’s fantastic tap water whenever they’re dining out. 

Refill Canberra helps you find venues that will fill your water bottle for free when you’re out and about. We know Canberrans love to take their four legged friends with them when they can so it’s important that our furry friends can stay hydrated too.  

If you are a Canberra café or restaurant and want to get your hands on a Woof Water bowl, just sign up for our free carafe program and we will be in touch! 


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