Water Security Projects

  • ECD June 13

    Enlarged Cotter Dam

    Icon Water is committed to providing a safe, secure and sustainable water supply for the people of the ACT and region. The enlargement of the Cotter Dam will play a key role in helping secure the water supply for the ACT and surrounding region in the future, allowing us to deal with frequent, longer and more severe droughts without having to endure high-level water restrictions for extended periods.
  • Murrumbidgee River

    Murrumbidgee to Googong

    The Murrumbidgee to Googong Water Transfer involves the transfer of up to a maximum of 100 megalitres of water per day from the Murrumbidgee River through a 12 kilometre underground pipeline to Burra Creek in NSW. The water will then flow approximately 13 kilometres along Burra Creek into Googong Reservoir.
  • Tantangara Transfer

    Tantangara Transfer

    The Tantangara Transfer option involves transferring water from the regulated Murrumbidgee River (below Burrinjuck and Blowering Dams) to the ACT via the Snowy Mountains Scheme.