Tantangara Transfer

In April 2009 the ACT Government endorsed Icon Water’s recommendation for implementation of the Tantangara Transfer Project as a project that would help make us less dependent on rainfall within the ACT and further secure our water supply in the event of worsening future drought conditions.

What is the Tantangara Transfer option?

The Tantangara Transfer option involves transferring water from the regulated Murrumbidgee River (below Burrinjuck and Blowering Dams) to the ACT via the Snowy Mountains Scheme. The following steps are required:

  • Buying NSW water entitlements from Murrumbidgee Regulated River licence holders downstream of the ACT;
  • Negotiating a long term, secure and flexible commercial agreement with Snowy Hydro Limited for the release of water from Tantangara Reservoir;
  • Establishing interstate trading arrangements between the NSW and ACT Governments to allow for transfer of water from NSW to the ACT via the Tantangara Reservoir and return transfers if unused;
  • Delivery of water to the ACT via the Unregulated Murrumbidgee River above the ACT;
  • Extraction of the water from the Murrumbidgee River via the Murrumbidgee to Googong Water Transfer pipeline at Angle crossing;
  • Storage of the water in Googong Dam until used;
  • Trade of purchased water back to NSW if not used.

Why it may be needed?

The Tantangara Transfer Option helps combat the drastic effects of drought under extreme circumstances and allows the ACT, through Icon Water, to access a source of water from the established water trading market operating in NSW.

Icon Water has purchased 4.145 gigalitres (GL) of high security water entitlements and 12.523 GL of general security entitlements and is currently carrying out a project implementation plan which will address all the issues with operating the Tantangara Transfer. This includes the following components:  

  • Institutional & Regulatory Framework
  • Water Division Operational Planning
  • ActewAGL Corporate/Divisional Management Integration
  • Water Market & Critical Management Predictive Modelling
  • Upper Murrumbidgee Hydrodynamic Modelling
  • Stream Gauging & Water Quality Monitoring
  • Statutory Evaluation, Reporting & Commitment Monitoring
  • Community Engagement & Stakeholder Management
  • Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Improvement
  • Water Utility Reference Group
  • External Reviews & Audits
  • Risk Management
  • Project Delivery & Administration