Recreation at Googong Dam and Foreshores

Googong Dam’s main function is to supply water for Canberra and Queanbeyan and now the Googong Township, so water quality is the highest priority.

To ensure high water quality and to protect our drinking water it is important that you follow the following simply rules, after all what you put in Googong Dam effects the whole community.

 googong dam dos and donts 

Download the Recreation at Googong Foreshore Brochure.

Googong Dam is a great place to fish, and is open to fishing all year round. However, as the primary function of Googong Dam is to store drinking water for the Canberra and Queanbeyan region, we need to ensure that we're not effecting the water quality.

Do’s & Don’ts of fishing at Googong Foreshore:

  • Fishing is permitted from the foreshore and from allowable water vessels.
  • Petrol powered boats are not permitted. Electric powered boats are permitted, as well as sailing boats, canoes and kayaks.
  • No swimming or bodily contact with the water is permitted.
  • Only minimal contact when launching a vessel such as kayak and canoe is allowed.
  • No standup paddle boards or windsurfers.
  • NSW fishing regulations apply and a NSW fishing licence is required.
  • Bait collection is not permitted. Please bring your own.
  • The use of live fish or frogs is strictly prohibited. Bag and size limits apply to most fish.
  • Macquarie Perch are totally protected and must not be taken under any circumstances.

Find the Fishing at Googong Foreshore factsheet for all the information.

Are you a new member to the Googong Township? Download the Googong Welcome Pack Factsheet.

Googong is unique so we need to ensure we look after it and protect our drinking water.