Community Support Program

‘We are nurturing, we value you and we care’ 

Welcome to the 2022 Icon Water Community Support Program, we are delighted to announce that applications are now open. For over 20 years we have proudly supported local grassroots community, not–for-profit and charitable organisations that bring real value to the lives of everyday Canberrans.  

We have a strong sense of social responsibility. As a business, we are committed to supporting our region through contribution to, and the promotion of, cultural and social development within the community. Each year we partner with a variety of local community, cultural, educational, sporting and fundraising initiatives. These partnerships are a key tool for the building of water and wastewater literacy across our region.   

This program is designed to maximise both support to our community and benefits to our partners. The community support program provides financial, and in-kind, assistance to organisations for the provision of valuable community support services and programs. It also facilitates various community activities which enable, and encourage, community access and participation.  

In 2022-23 we are proud to continue supporting the Canberra region. Our Community Support Program will operate based on these new elements: ‘we are nurturing, we value you and we care’. As a key objective, we will work with our partners to build upon these elements. 

The Community Support Program has three categories: 

  • Community Sectors 
  • Community Inclusion  
  • Affiliated Industry (including environmentally sustainable projects) 

This program runs annually, following the financial year. Long-term sponsorship packages will also be considered. 

From 1 March 2022 through to 30 April 2022 the Community Support Program will open to sponsorship applications. Your application will be assessed in May and sponsorship will commence in July 2022. 
All applicants will be notified. 

Please see our guidelines for further information and eligibility.

Sponsorship requests will not be considered for any of the following: 
  • Applicants/organisations that discriminate against any persons, organisations or groups. 
  • Applications for individuals. This includes those seeking support for activities such as:  
    • Academic studies,  
    • competition in a sporting event, or  
    • travel. 
  • Organisations, or activities, that are environmentally negligent or do not endorse sustainable practices. 
  • Organisations, or activities, which we consider as likely to promote controversial issues that could damage Icon Water’s reputation. For example: 
    • Gambling,  
    • tobacco,  
    • alcohol, or  
    • other drug related sponsorships. 
  • Applicants/organisations who do not have a positive reputation in the community
  • Applications that provide direct benefit to a political party, political organisation, politicians or candidates for public office.