Developers and Renovators

When you are planning to build or renovate you must ensure that you stay safe and avoid damaging water and sewerage infrastructure. Damage to water and sewerage infrastructure can be dangerous and very expensive, however easily avoidable by following the process below:

Know what infrastructure is in the area

Dial before you dig is a free national service funded by utility organisations in Australia who own underground services. Make just one call on 1100, tell them your location and they pass the referral to the relevant utility services, who send the information to you, generally within two working days. Service operators are available between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Stick to our guides and standards

Download the Building requirements for Icon Water approval booklet for all the details on the approval requirements that are applied when we assess your proposals to build, alter or extend structures on a block.
Your building and renovation plans must be in line with Icon Water's water supply and sewerage standards.

Get approval before you start 

Once you have ensured that your project complies with the above steps, you can use this online form to submit your application for a range of utility services.

Fines and removal

The law prohibits landowners and occupiers from interfering with utility infrastructure, for example by blocking access or building too close or on top of infrastructure.

Damaging or interfering with underground pipes could be expensive and dangerous. Structures that block access may need to be removed so that maintenance and meter reading can be carried out.

If you build a structure that is too close or interferes with Icon Water infrastructure, you may have to pay for it to be removed and you could also be fined up to $5,500.

New connections and disconnections

To organise the connection of a new meter to your property, or temporary disconnection of services, contact Icon Water on 02 6248 3111 or complete the request form and email it to us at

For a list of costs download the Water and sewer main connection prices

Download the request form: Request for quotation hydraulic work