Water and Sewerage Capital Contributions Code

The Water and Sewerage Capital Contributions Code sets out new funding arrangements for water and sewerage infrastructure upgrades that are triggered by new developments in established areas.

The transition period for the WSCCC charge ends on 30 June 2019. From 1 July 2019 all developments fitting the criteria explained in the code will attract a WSCCC charge. For further information explore the sections below.


  • Why does Canberra have the Capital Contributions Code?

    Previously, there was inequity in the way costs were recovered for developments that triggered water and sewerage asset augmentation or upgrade in established areas.

    As Canberra has grown the last 50 years, the capacity of the water and sewer network was designed to meet the needs of each suburb.  However the recent shift in planning policy, to increase urban renewal and infill, is placing significant demand on our network to service existing suburbs.

    Prior to the Code, if a developer triggered an upgrade they were asked to pay for the full cost to augment network infrastructure. This meant that developers who built before or after an upgrade did not pay any contribution. Now with the Code, the costs are shared across new developments within established suburbs that contribute to a net increase in network demand.

    The Code enables Icon Water to sustainably fund the growth of our network and community in Canberra’s established areas.

  • How is the charge calculated?

    The charge applies to all developments within Icon Water’s highlighted map area that increase the number of Equivalent Population (EP) on a site. See whether your property is in the highlighted map area using the precinct map.

    Are you in the highlighted precinct map area?

    Use the calculator to estimate the charge


    Please note: Additional charges for smaller water and sewerage assets still apply as per the Icon Water Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

  • What do I need to do?

    1. When you submit a Development Application we will identify whether your development may fall into the scheme, and will write you a letter to confirm.

    2. When submitting your External Services Plan we will require some additional information regarding your assessment of existing and new EP. We will review this calculation and write to you with an estimate of existing and new EP and your estimated charge.

    3. Let us know 90 days before your development is completed or requires connection to our network on 02 6248 3111 (option 3) or email wscc@iconwater.com.au. We will then send you an invoice for the WSCC charge, which needs to be paid before we can connect you to the water and sewerage networks.

  • Where do I get more information?

    See the FAQs Capital Contributions Code December 2017 for all the information about how it works. Otherwise, talk to us on 02 6248 3111 (option 3) or email HydraulicAssetAcceptance@iconwater.com.au.