How to operate a standpipe

Please watch the video below on how to use a Standpipe correctly and safely.

Key points to note when using an Icon Water Standpipe:

  • Only Icon Water metered standpipes can be used in the ACT excluding Uriarra Village
  • Always use correct lifting techniques when lifting the standpipe
  • Standpipes must be audited prior to being used to make sure it is in good working condition
    • Check the meter face is readable and working
    • Check the mushroom plunger is operational
    • Check the base washer is intact
    • Check the threaded collar is operational and wound to the base of the standpipe
    • Check the spindle is operational and wound anticlockwise all the way.
  • Before extracting water standpipes must be fitted with adequate backflow prevention suited to the task 
  • Keep your face and body clear of the standpipe whilst in use
  • Make sure Fire Hydrant is clear from debris prior to installing Standpipe
  • Operate the Standpipe slowly to minimise dirty water and scouring of mains
  • Check the meter is registering consumption whilst extracting water. If it is not return to Icon Water asap
  • Send in your meter reads every quarter to get an accurate bill.

In the event of any problems operating Icon Water hydrants, contact Icon Water for advice immediately. Do not try to overcome problems yourself.

Please report any minor difficulties (e.g. hydrants that continue to leak after the Standpipe has been removed) promptly to Icon Water so the necessary repair or maintenance work can be arranged.

Contact telephone number for Icon Water 24-hour emergency assistance – 02 6248 3111 (opt "1").