New Icon Water water supply and sewerage standards

In 2018, we are continuing the process of transitioning from our current water supply and sewerage standards to Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) national codes.  As part of this transition, the following work is planned:


  • Our existing "WSS series" of standard drawings will be replaced by new “SD series” drawings which are predominantly based on WSAA standard drawings and well-proven Australian urban water industry standard practices.  These new drawings will depict how our water supply and sewerage networks are to be designed and constructed.  The first batch of these “SD series” drawings are now ready for public consultation with the remaining drawings becoming available later in January.  This batch of drawings is available for download as a single PDF file (which includes an accompanying set of explanatory notes and frequently asked questions):

SD Series Drawings - Batch 1 Release


  • The existing Water Supply and Sewerage Standards (WSSS) will be replaced by WSAA codes: WSA-02 Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia, WSA-03 Water Supply Code of Australia, and WSA-04 Sewage Pumping Station Code of Australia.  We will publish small supplements to WSA-02 and WSA-03 on our website in late January 2018.  A supplement to WSA-04 will become available by June 2018.  Even though we are publishing supplements, designers and constructors will still need to be familiar with each individual code and these can be purchased directly from the WSAA website online store.
  • Additional specifications and guidance material will be published on our website which will further augment our new WSAA code supplements.  Such material will not necessarily go through a public consultation period in all cases.  In late 2017, the new Approved Products List, Supplement to AS 1657 and Design Guidelines for Safe Access, Egress and Working at Heights all went through a lengthy period of public consultation and these documents have now been issued for mandatory use.  Refer to “Specifications and Rules” below.

Should you wish to provide feedback on our new “SD series” drawings or any other aspect of the transition to WSAA codes, please do so by emailing us at Note:  This round of public consultation ends on 30 March 2018. 


See the Icon Water full combined set of WSS series drawings, otherwise you will find
specific water supply and sewerage drawings below.