Icon Water wins IXOM 2017 Water Taste Test

April 7, 2017

 Icon Water has won the WIOA’s IXOM Best Tap Water competition!

Canberra’s Icon Water was named the winner of a blind tasting competition held at Water Industry Operators Australia (WIOA) Conference on 29 March 2017 and again IXOM Best Tap Water competition against Toowoomba on 7 June 2017.

The Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA)’s IXOM Best Tap Water competition is designed to shine a light on the people and hard work that goes into providing clean, clear tap water to all Australian every day.

The competition is a testament to the excellent quality of Australian water and to the hard work and commitment of the operational employees who deliver water to our communities.

Judges gathered to assess  samples from across NSW and QLD to determine the best tap water. Judges ranked the water according to best taste, odour and appearance. The samples were judged on a point scale from “Good” to “Best”.

Grand Final rounds were judged by a panel nominated by WIOA comprising technical water experts and water industry connoisseurs, who determined that Icon Water is supplying Canberra and Queanbeyan with the top drop!

Icon Water believes that the main point of difference between Icon Water and that supplied elsewhere is the quality of their raw water. Water sourced from Icon Water’s catchments is from highly protected areas such as national parks and nature reserves. This ensures that the water is not affect by agriculture, industry, or big towns. Icon Water work hard with local communities to ensure they understand the importance of catchment management and protection.

In March, Sam Bracken, a shift operator at Icon Water, celebrated the win by doing a "shoey" (drank some great-tasting Icon Water from his boot) during the awards night in Canberra on Thursday, 30 March 2017.

Later in the year Icon Water will be going up against all the other state winners to find the best tasting tap water in Australia.

Rob Allen, Icon Water Manager Operations Services, said “this award celebrates our quiet achievers - the water operators and the maintenance crews - who work all year round to ensure we have essential high quality water.”

“The high skill level and training that our water operators receive is a testament to our high quality water.”
“We’re glad that Icon Water has retained the Top Drop title.”

“Icon Water is very excited to take on the National challenge, and hopefully is able to bring home the award to celebrate with the rest of the Canberra community” Mr Allen said.