Red pillar hydrants

December 19, 2019

Icon Water provides water for firefighting across Canberra. In the inner north and inner south you may have noticed the red pillar hydrants, which are full of character but gradually being phased out with new spring hydrants at ground level.

 Pillar hydrant

The new spring hydrants are compatible with our upgraded infrastructure and also meet national standards for firefighting purposes. Icon Water is working with ACT Heritage to retain 155 pillar hydrants in several protected heritage precincts where they are specifically identified as protected street furniture: 

  • Wakefield Gardens Housing Precinct (Ainslie) 
  • Corroboree Park Housing Precinct (Ainslie) 
  • Alt Crescent Ainslie 
  • Braddon Housing Precinct 
  • Reid Housing Precinct 
  • Barton Housing Precinct 
  • Kingston/Griffith Housing Precinct 
  • Forrest Housing Precinct 
  • Blandfordia 4 Precinct (Forrest) 
  • Blandfordia 5 Housing Precinct (Griffith) 

Whenever new fire hydrants are installed in these areas, Icon Water disconnects and relocates the existing pillar hydrant in the verge between the road and footpath. Outside of these areas, we collect the good quality pillar hydrants as spares to replace missing or damaged hydrants in the protected areas.