You can't beat a meter for recycling

November 14, 2019

Icon Water manages over 176,000 water connections across Canberra. We are constantly updating the network, parts of which date back 100 years, including replacing old water meters – we replaced 7,687 in the past year.  The old meters are not useful as meters or parts any longer, but they can be recycled.

So far this has meant over 13 tonnes of valuable metals have been made into new brass, copper and steel products. The metal in old meters can be recycled indefinitely and metal recycling has significant environmental benefits including reducing carbon emissions, and reducing loss of natural or agricultural land for mining. 

As an added bonus, Icon Water is paid for its old metal water meters, so long as they are separated from other recyclables. In fact, Icon Water is making around $60 a day from its water meter recycling program, as well as avoiding the environmental and financial costs of dumping old meters in landfill.

Because we work a lot with pipes, pumps and large treatment plants, our plant fitter, network services and maintenance teams also recycle steel, brass and copper parts. Last financial year they collectively recycled over 23 tonnes - enough scrap to build two large ACT buses. 

Sustainability is a big part of what we do at icon Water – recycling is one important way we can contribute.