Top five ways to Care for Water

November 29, 2019

Everyone wants to save water. Not only is it good for your wallet and the environment, when it's hot and dry saving water benefits the whole community. 

At Icon Water we think about water A LOT. Here’s our top five tips for using less and making the most of water in your home. We’ve picked tips that can save a lot of water but are also easy to include in your everyday life.  

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Tip One: Water wisely 

The biggest savings you can make are in the garden. Stick to the Water Conservation Measures and only use sprinklers or irrigation before 9am and after 6pm. Extra points for using a dripper system – it’s water straight to where it’s needed (and don’t forget to mulch – it can prevent 70 per cent of evaporation!). 

Tip Two: Turn off the tap 

Turn it off when you brush your teeth (saves 10 litres per minute), when you rinse veggies in the sink (use a bowl) and use a bucket not a hose to wash the car (on the lawn please). 

Tip Three: Fix those leaks 

A leaking toilet can waste thousands of litres a year and dripping taps are not much better. Learn how to read your water meter and check for leaks – if you need to, get a plumber in. 

Tip Four: Fill ‘er up 

Make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are full before you switch them on – and if you’re buying a new appliance make sure it's a water efficient model (check out the WELS star rating – six stars is the best). 

Tip Five: Use it twice

Catch water in a bucket while you wait for the water to heat up in the bathroom or kitchen, then use it on the garden. If you’re keen, a greywater system can help you reuse tens of thousands of litres of water per year from the bath, shower or washing machine.  

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