Keep Australia Beautiful

August 22, 2020

This week, from the 17th-23rd of August, is ‘Keep Australia Beautiful Week’, which encourages all Australians to care for their community and the local environment. Icon Water values our natural environment and has been coming up with some creative solutions to keep our bush capital looking beautiful.

Icon Water has been working with local artist Geoff Filmer to turn our water and sewerage assets into art. Currently, twenty Icon Water sites have been painted to feature a stunning array of native plants and animals.

Icon Water Murals Map

These captivating murals have been created freehand, using spray paint which is designed to withstand the harsh environment. Geoff didn’t use a template, painting the flora and fauna ‘where he felt they should go.’

The artwork is giving life and a splash of color to infrastructure that has typically appeared bland in comparison to its surrounds.

“We wanted to do something that felt like it was natural sitting in its environment,” said Geoff.

The murals have been designed to deter vandalism, an issue has been a constant concern for Icon Water and an eyesore for locals.

“The idea behind this work is to discourage vandalism and graffiti on Canberra’s water and sewerage buildings assets,” Geoff said of the murals.

If you are a Canberra local, it is very likely that you may have seen Geoff’s artwork before. His murals are all over the city, including the Erindale bus station, Dickson pool, Moore and Bund streets in the city, Floriade and even pipes on the cotter dam.

For Geoff, being able to turn something as plain as utility sites into public art is fantastic thing.

“I love creating wonderful, visual things for people to enjoy around our city. It’s about giving art and making people happy. The amount of people tooting their horns as they drive past has been amazing.”

Icon Water values the local environment, which is why we have combined forces with Geoff to keep Canberra looking beautiful.

Have you ever spied any of our murals around Canberra? You can now find them all! We have created an interactive map listing all the of the 20 mural sites.

You can find the map below: If you do see a mural around town, make sure to take a picture and tag us at @iconwatercbr.