Yellow Hydrants Are Out, Dual Springs Are In

August 23, 2021

Our infrastructure is constantly evolving to meet Canberra’s growing needs. When looking for new opportunities for expansion, or redevelopment, we seek to work closely with our regional partners. Our project to replace existing hydrants with modern alternatives is an excellent example of this cooperation. 

In the 1980s, it was brought to our attention that firefighters needed better fire flow and water pressure in built-up areas. We installed High-Capacity Hydrants (HCH) throughout the ACT in response to this need. You’ve probably seen at least one of the hundred yellow hydrants dotted along our footpaths.  

After extensive consultation with ACT Fire and Rescue it was found that the advancement of firefighting technology has rendered HCHs obsolete. These hydrants don’t have sufficient water flow and possess safety risks that have been overcome by their modern equivalents. It was also found that, due to their age, it’s difficult to find the spare parts necessary for effective maintenance. For these reasons the decision was made to replace all HCHs with modern in ground dual spring hydrants.  

This project was commissioned to benefit the Canberra community, with our first concern being safety. By standardising hydrant connections, and creating more reliable water sources, our firefighters will be better equipped to do their jobs. The other benefit of this project is aesthetic. Through the removal of above ground hydrants, we can minimise collision risks and sources of graffiti. 

We’re doing our part to support a safer Canberra.