Floriade: Reimagined

September 22, 2021

For the second year in a row, we’ve partnered with Floriade: Reimagined to help bring some colour and happiness to your suburb. The Floriade displays around Canberra provide inspiration for many of us looking to make the most of the spring weather, or perhaps to start our own gardens.  

Each week, we’re watering garden beds throughout the community to ensure that everyone can enjoy a piece of Floriade. Check out the Floriade Community Map to find your nearest display. You could visit it during your 4-hours of exercise. There’s nothing quite like Spring Tulips to brighten your day! 

Weekly update

Each year Floriade’s staff put in the work to make their gardens thrive. As a result, these beautiful displays have become an iconic piece of Canberra. Has Floriade inspired you to create your own luscious garden bed? Check out the videos below to learn some of the basics. 

Caring for Floriade's flower beds

We can’t be everywhere at once, so to make sure Floriade’s displays stay healthy we’ve reached out to the Outdoor People. These contractors have been watering the gardens on our behalf. Check out the video below to see what Dean has to say about watering the gardens beds around Canberra! 

We need to be mindful when watering our gardens 

We all know that water is an essential part of what makes a garden flourish. What you may not know is that outdoor water use accounts for around 40% of the average household’s water consumption. That’s why it’s worth considering the amount of water you use on your garden each day. Particularly with summer approaching, it’s important to identify ways to keep your water use down. Our permanent water conservation measures help ensure Canberrans have enough water year-round.