Clean Up Australia Day 2022

March 9, 2022

On 8 March, we hosted our Clean Up Australia Day event in Taylor. This is the 10th year our staff have come together to do their part for the Canberra community. 

Thanks to our amazing, and dedicated, volunteers we were able to collect 14 bags of rubbish. The rain and wind didn't stop us as we helped beautify a suburban park, close to our One Tree Hill Reservoir. 

Our team found lots of soft plastics, but polystyrene was definitely the most common type of waste. It was great to remove this rubbish before it could break down into little pieces – which are dangerous for small mammals and fish. 

Clean Up Australia Day has been running since 1990. In that time over 18.3 million Australians have volunteered 36 million hours of their time. Together, we have removed over 280,000 loads of rubbish. 

As a community, we have a shared responsibility to protect our land, wildlife and waterways to preserve Australia’s truly unique environment. This is only possible if we work together towards long-term environmental conservation. 

Remember - it’s never a bad time to clean up Australia.