Necessary repair works causing water discolouration in West Belconnen

August 18, 2016

Icon Water crews will conduct necessary work to restore a fault within the water network caused by a burst water main that occurred in MacGregor over the weekend. Icon Water is working to resolve this issue as a matter of priority.

Until restoration is complete, it is possible that residents in West Belconnen will continue to experience cloudy water. This milky discolouration is caused by a drop in water pressure resulting in air through the pipes¾water will clear if left to sit.

If you continue to experience discoloured water after Thursday 25 August 2016, let us know by calling 02 6248 3111 and selecting option 1.

It is not recommended that you drink the water if it appears, tastes or smells objectionable.

Icon Water would like to take this opportunity to apologise to our customers in the affected area for any short term inconvenience this important work may cause.


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