Icon Water 2015-16 highlights

December 14, 2016

In 2015–16 Icon Water continued to provide high quality water and wastewater services to the Canberra community.

John Knox, Managing Director of Icon Water, said “It has been a busy year with significant investment in renewing Icon Water’s asset base to ensure service standards are maintained over the long term.”

“Work commenced on a business-wide transformation program that aims to ensure we have a highly competent workforce, use best practice processes and have the right technology that enables timely and informed decision making,” Mr Knox said.

During 2015–16, significant progress was made in in reducing safety incidents and injuries as part of Icon Water’s new Work Health and Safety Strategy initiatives. “This improvement validates that our safety engagement program is working, supported by incident reporting, investigations and early intervention strategies.”

“In May 2016, we launched our Talking Icon Water stakeholder engagement program. We will engage with customers on key issues such as pricing and long-term delivery of services for the region. We have started this engagement through a new Community Consultative Forum, our Think Tank and customer surveys.”

“Canberra’s water storage is healthy and brimming, with more water stored in the Cotter catchment than ever before. This outcome is the result of the significant investment made over the last decade to ensure Canberra’s long term water security.”

“We continued to support the Canberra community by providing approximately half a million dollars in funding through donations to organisations that support those in need and provide sponsorship of community events,”
Mr Knox said.

The 2015–16 Annual Report to the ACT Government outlines other accomplishments during the year including:

  • Work undertaken as part of Icon Water’s People Strategy in the key areas of diversity and inclusion, leadership, performance and development and planning and analysing talent.
  • Receipt of an award of highly commended for organisational leadership in sustainability in the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia awards program.
  • Collaboration with the ACT Government on the development of the ACT and Region Catchment Strategy.
  • Revision of the Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre (LMWQCC) Environmental Authorisation in cooperation with the ACT Environment Protection Authority and the development of the first LMWQCC Environment Management Plan.
  • Work to improve the performance of the business in relation to sewer blockages and minimisation of the risks of illegal dumping into the sewer networks.
  • Achieved strong financial results, with a profit after tax of $122.3 million for 2015–16.
  • Continued critical upgrades of the LMWQCC including aeration system renewal, solids handling and upgrade and augmentation of the tertiary filtration system that treats effluent before returning it back to the environment.

“We will continue with a range of initiatives to educate the community about our water and sewerage network and services and the importance of protecting our natural environment to safeguard the pristine quality of our drinking water. We will do this through our community education, engagement and support programs.”

“2015–16 has been a strong year and we look forward to continuing to serve the Canberra community in 2016–17,” Mr Knox said.

The Icon Water Annual Report to the ACT Government 2015–16 can be found at iconwater.com.au/annualreports


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