Water Meter Replacement Program Exceeds Targets

July 5, 2016

The Water Meter Replacement Program which kicked off in March last year and aims to replace around 18,000 older water meters across the ACT has surpassed expected outcomes in the last year with nearly 9,000 replacements completed so far.

It is expected based on current completion rates that a further 9,000 meters will be replaced over the coming 12 month period (1st of July 2016 to 30th June 2017) with the program due to wrap up by the end of 2017. A record number of meter replacements were carried out in February this year—more than double the target—reaching over 1400 meters replaced in one month. Since the program started in March of 2015 we’ve completed a total of 10,500 meters.

The program will focus on replacing all 20mm water meters that are 18 years or older, as well as an upgrade to some service connections to bring them up to standard. Approximately 25% of the meters replaced so far are of this type and require a replacement of the existing isolation stopcock with a new, user-friendly ball valve at the meter.

The replacement program will ensure customers get accurate readings from their water meters, and will enable customers to isolate their own water supply and monitor their usage with more ease. The new meters will also improve future meter maintenance processes which are carried out by Icon Water.

The replacement program has been staged one suburb at a time, with the older suburbs generally being targeted first. Field crews will spend a number of weeks working through each suburb. Suburbs already completed include Kaleen, Lyneham, Hackett, Ainslie, Campbell, Cook and Macquarie. Workers are now targeting Oakes Estate and Oxley over the coming months.

Whilst there is no direct cost to households for this program, some water supply will be interrupted at the customer’s property for a short period of time whilst crews complete the meter replacement. If there is nothing obstructing the meter—such as trees or pavement—the replacement should take under an hour with water supply being returned to normal.

Residents are reminded that they can assist by ensuring that their domestic water meter has a one metre clearance from any obstructions, to allow Icon Water staff enough room to complete the replacement as quickly as possible.

Once customers receive their initial letter in the mail notifying them that Icon Water will be attending their property soon, they should head out to their water meter to ensure that it’s clear from any leaves or shrubs. If water meters are located underneath driveways or concrete footpaths, Icon Water will restore customer’s land to a condition similar to before operations began.

If customers have any concerns or questions about their water meter being replaced, they should visit www.iconwater.com.au/watermeter or Talk to us on 6248 3111.