Our Business Overview now available for download

June 22, 2016

Canberra’s water and sewerage utility Icon Water has been serving the Canberra region for over 100 years now, striving to provide great quality drinking water and sewerage services. 

The organisation has now released a Business Overview document which provides a snapshot of the business and the work that we do to make sure we are innovative, and excelling in the services that we provide to the Canberra community, every day of the year.

The Business Overview document provides information about:

  • The history of the utility;
  • Information about the 2015 name change and our strategic objectives;
  • Our governance structure, and an overview of our customers;
  • Information about our assets and network;
  • Water supply and security Managing waste;
  • Our people and our priorities;
  • How we’re regulated and our legal requirements;
  • Our commitment to safety and sustainability; and the community, and
  • Our community engagement program


You can download a copy here.