Icon Water has extended the consultation period for the Water and Sewerage Capital Contributions proposal

February 15, 2017

Icon Water is currently consulting on a proposed Water and Sewerage Capital Contributions Code to be included under the Utilities Act 2000.

The proposal sets out an approach whereby developers and Icon Water share the cost of upgrades to infrastructure that services a suburb or group of suburbs. The infrastructure  includes larger water and sewerage mains, reservoirs and pumping stations. Under this arrangement, the size, location and type of development would inform the developer charge.

John Knox, Managing Director of Icon Water, explains that the objective is to have a clear, simple and equitable process for developers and the broader community.

“As Canberra densifies with increased urban infill in established suburbs, we are at times required to increase the capacity of our networks to support population growth and redevelopment. We are reviewing the way that costs associated with network upgrades are shared across developments with the objective of improving transparency and certainty for developers and the Canberra community,” Mr Knox said.

“Currently a single developer is asked to pay for the full cost of the upgrade. Those who build before or after an upgrade do not contribute to this cost. We consider the proposed arrangement is a fairer way to share the cost of the infrastructure upgrades to better support the growth of Canberra”.

The proposed arrangements will be subject to review by the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC). However, Icon Water is committed to ensuring its submission to the ICRC is reflective of community views.

“We need to consider all customer segments ranging from existing home owners, to developers in order to take a position that is balanced prior to making our submission to the ICRC.” he said.

“We have met with industry bodies and held a discussion forum on the proposed changes to inform our submission to the ICRC. Feedback to date includes views on transitionary arrangements and how charges may apply across various areas within Canberra.”

“Consultation to date has been highly beneficial and we would like to continue the conversation beyond the original deadline of 17 February to further explore the community’s feedback,” Mr Knox concluded.

For interested parties wishing to provide feedback, the consultation period has been extended to 17 March 2017.  

Icon Water thanks those who have provided feedback so far, and will be responding to specific questions that have been raised. For more information, to have your say, or to find out more about the Talking Icon Water engagement program visit iconwater.com.au/capitalcontributions.