Celebrating National Water Week with Canberra’s top drop

October 20, 2017

As Canberra’s licensed drinking water provider, we are required to comply with Public Health (Drinking Water) Code of Practice (2007). Each year we produce a comprehensive Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2016-17 as part of demonstrating how we meet these obligations.

We are proud to advise that we have continued to meet 100% compliance. 

This report is technical by its nature, but importantly also provides a fascinating overview of how we source, treat and distribute water to 400,000 people across Canberra.

Within our business we have some highly specialised scientists, engineers and water industry operators, who are very proud to be a part of the delivery of a consistently high quality of drinking water for our community. 

John Knox, Managing Director, said “This report really gets to the heart of our core purpose here at Icon Water; to consistently provide the community with water that tastes great and is really good for you.”

“We appreciate the voluntary contribution of over 400 customers who allowed us to collect more than 1,200 routine water samples across Canberra homes this year as part of our Water Quality Monitoring Program.”

“As we move into the warmer weather, the community can be rest assured that we have healthy water storages to meet their needs over the summer period.” he said.

For the full report go to iconwater.com.au/DWQR


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