Icon Water and ACT Fire & Rescue partnering to keep Canberra safe

December 19, 2018

Icon Water and ACT Fire & Rescue have today signed a renewed fire flow agreement.

The agreement provides assurance to fire fighters that when they need to access the water supply network in an emergency, there will always be sufficient pressure and flow for them to continue their vital service to the community. 

“We’ve worked very closely with ACT Fire & Rescue to review the agreement which reflects the requirements of modern urban firefighting techniques.”, said Icon Water Managing Director Ray Hezkial.

“Most importantly, our modelling has confirmed that Icon Water’s network is capable of providing the high water volumes needed for firefighting, while also meeting the needs of our customers.” 

“Fire flow standards are updated as technology changes and fire-fighting techniques are updated.” said Mark Brown, Chief Officer, ACT Fire & Rescue.

“The new agreement brings the fire flow arrangements in Canberra in line with all jurisdictions, and should give Canberrans added confidence that we can respond effectively when needed.”

The fire flow agreement was signed today at Icon Water’s Mitchell office.



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