Operational Update: Air valves upgrade along Long Gully Road

September 11, 2018







1. Basic summary of works. 
Maintenance works to upgrade air valves along Long Gully Road which serve Farrer reservoir. 

2. Affect on customers. 
Our customers may experience a drop in water pressure and possible water discolouration. Icon Water does not recommend drinking any water that tastes or smells objectionable.

3. Suburbs likely to be affected.
Hume – Industrial area.

4. Duration customers are likely to be affected.
Two days - 17 September 2018 and 18 September  2018. 

5. Will any critical customers such as hospitals, care facilities, schools, shopping centres be affected?
Industrial zone. 

6. Will customer’s flushing their internal systems assist with clearing? 
No.  Icon Water crew will flush the system to assist with clearing any discolouration.