Bin your BBQ fats grease and oils this Australia Day

January 24, 2019

Icon Water wants to remind the community that pouring oils, grease or fats directly down your kitchen sink or drain could damage or block household pipes and the Canberra sewerage network.

During the peak time for BBQ’s, Icon Water are asking backyard chef’s across the ACT to bag and bin BBQ fats instead of washing them down the drain.

“Washing greasy r­­emnants from barbecues, plates, pots or pans directly down the sink can eventually choke domestic drains and sewerage pipes,” Manager Customer and Community Affairs, Lisa Quinn said.

“We’re reminding Canberrans to let the fat cool before scraping it into an appropriate container and bagging and binning it with their household rubbish,” she said.

“Fat blockages can also contribute to blockages in household plumbing, leading to expensive plumbing bills for home owners.”

“Oils and grease may look easy to dispose of in liquid form but once they hit the sewer they quickly solidify, sticking to the walls of these narrow pipes and gradually clogging them up. Most of our pipes, and particularly those running from your home to the main sewer, are often only a few centimetres wide and if these pipes become blocked, then human waste can quickly back up into your street, garden or home.”

“What we don’t want to see is our very own Canberra fatberg infiltrating our sewers.”

“Icon Water continues to invest to improve the sewer network and protect the natural environment of our bush capital, and we need the support from the Canberra community to keep protecting our network” Lisa Quinn concluded. 

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