Update on water main burst affecting several Belconnen suburbs

May 2, 2019

Icon Water has been responding to a water main burst in Higgins which caused localised flooding in the area.  

The flooding has now subsided and Icon Water is on site undertaking repairs and assisting residents. 

Icon Water ensured continuity of supply to our customers by drawing water from other parts of the network. A change in water pressure and flow can cause water discolouration due to stirring up sediments in the main. 

We are working to flush the main to minimise the impact and duration of water discolouration. We expect that any water discolouration across Belconnen will clear over the next 24 hours.  We do not recommend drinking or using water that looks, smells or tastes objectionable. 

We thank our customers and community for their patience and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.   

We will provide regular updates to the community via our website and twitter.

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