Update on water main burst affecting several Belconnen suburbs

May 3, 2019

We thank the community for their patience and apologise for the inconvenience caused due to yesterday’s burst water main. The burst occurred in Higgins and resulted in localised flooding, water discolouration and reduced pressure in surrounding suburbs.


Several checks have been performed in various locations impacted by discolouration. We confirm that water discolouration has settled and pressure returned to normal in the drinking water mains servicing Belconnen.


Customer Service representatives are working with members of the community who were directly impacted by localised flooding.  


Should any customers still be experiencing discoloured water, it is possible that sediment has been drawn from the mains network into the internal plumbing. If discolouration is present at all taps, customers should turn on taps and allow water to run for three - five minutes to effectively flush any sediment from internal plumbing.  If discolouration is localised to individual taps, filter screens on the tap outlets should be unscrewed and rinsed.


We encourage any community members who have ongoing concerns to talk to us on 6248 3111.


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