A bowl of Canberra’s finest for our favourite furry friends

February 17, 2020

Icon Water are providing local Canberra cafés and restaurants with free dog bowls as part of their Woof Water initiative, which Managing Director Ray Hezkial launched this morning at Two Before Ten Café in Greenway.  

“Woof Water is part of our carafe program which aims to encourage all Canberrans, including our four-legged friends, to stay hydrated – it’s also low-cost and sustainable,” said Mr Hezkial.

“We’re really passionate about sustainability and reducing single use plastics. Canberra has some of the best tasting tap water in the country, so there’s no need for the community to buy bottled water, for themselves or their pets”. 

The dog bowls, made from eco-friendly bamboo, have been dog tested and approved! 

Dog friendly cafés and restaurants can apply for Woof Water bowls and carafes in one easy step at iconwater.com.au/drinktap.  

In addition to Woof Water, cafés can sign up to be a Refill Canberra café. Refill Canberra, a partnership between Icon Water and ACT Health, highlights cafés, shops and venues that are happy to provide free tap water to the community to fill up water bottles. The initiative aims to reduce single use plastic bottles and encourages Canberrans to refill their own drink bottles while on the go. 

It’s just as important for our dogs to stay hydrated as it is for us. And what better way than by drinking Canberra’s high quality water from a sustainable bowl. 

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