Let’s Talk Water and Wastewater

July 15, 2021

Here at Icon Water we have a vision to be a valued partner in the community and we are on a mission to better understand and engage with our customers. Our aim is to have continuous dialogue with our customers and for these meaningful conversations to translate into tangible good for the community. That is why we are pleased to launch our community engagement program, Let’s Talk Water and Wastewater - our most comprehensive program to date.

Icon Water General Manager Davina McCormick said, “Our goal is to provide safe and reliable water and wastewater services while supporting liveability of the region and sustainability of Canberra. This engagement program is an exciting opportunity for everyone, our residential customers, our business customers and the larger ACT community. Together we can influence how we will provide our services into the future,” said Ms McCormick. 

Over the next few weeks, you will start to see us out and about, as well as online, talking to our customers, stakeholders and partners. There will be a number of opportunities and ways for the community to participate. Engagement via focus groups, forums, community pop-ups, polls, surveys and social media will allow the community to tell us about what they value, their priorities and any concerns regarding water and wastewater in the ACT.  

Our Price Review initiative will be the first project hosted on our new Let’s Talk Water and Wastewater platform. 

Every five years the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) is in charge of reviewing our service and setting our maximum prices. As part of this process, we build a price proposal for the ICRC to review. The insights we gather from our Let’s Talk Water and Wastewater participants will help inform our price proposal for the 2023-28 regulatory period. Specifically with the Price Review we hope to get feedback and insight to inform and prioritise the investment decisions needed to provide affordable, reliable, and quality water and wastewater services in the ACT. 

More projects will be added to the Let’s Talk Water and Wastewater platform in the coming months, giving our community greater insight into how we are maintaining and improving our infrastructure. You can visit our new platform at https://letstalk.iconwater.com.au