Icon Water and Questacon work together to support awareness on water sustainability

May 20, 2021

Icon Water Managing Director Ray Hezkial and Questacon Director Professor Graham Durant AM have launched a partnership to support awareness on water sustainability in the ACT.  

Icon Water will sponsor Questacon’s living coral aquarium exhibit, which aims to demonstrate how essential it is to be releasing clean water into the environment. Families will gain a better understanding of how we can protect the fauna and flora downstream, from our rivers to the ocean. 

The partnership between Icon Water and Questacon will enable an annual one-week water-themed education program for the next three years. This program will offer hands-on activities for visitors to explore the importance of water sustainability and management in the ACT. The first edition of this program will be held later in 2021. 

Mr Hezkial said the partnership demonstrates how like-minded ACT institutions can work together to promote sustainable and environment-friendly water management practices. 

“It’s essential that we continue to work together with our younger generations to demonstrate the immense long-term benefits of protecting our water systems. Allowing kids and families to learn through science experiments and discussions with water experts at Questacon will have a lasting positive impact,” said Mr Hezkial. 

“Questacon are proud to partner with Icon Water to share a message that healthy reefs start with healthy rivers and healthy rivers are everyone’s business. The living coral aquarium is a significant installation at Questacon that was set up with the help of experts at the Australian Institute of Marine Science through their work with the National Sea Simulator. It showcases the importance of healthy waterways to the ongoing survival of the world’s coral reefs,” said Professor Durant.  

The Icon Water and Questacon partnership will run for the next three years and is made possible by Icon Water’s Community Support Program.