Wet wipes

Wet wipes include baby wipes, toilet wipes, body wipes, personal hygiene wipes and cleaning wipes. They are often marketed as “flushable” or “biodegradable”, but this is not the case. Instead of disintegrating after flushing, like toilet paper does, the synthetic wet wipes are not breaking down and are blocking our sewerage network.

This issue is being experienced across the developed world and is getting bigger and more costly. Sydney, London, and New York are also experiencing these issues.

In our network, a blockage occurs approximately every three days, which means that workers have to head down into the sewer to unblock and repair them. The process costs nearly $70,000 each year and exposes workers to higher risks of injury.

This also poses a significant cost to the Canberra community and we know that it’s preventable if we do the right thing.

In order to avoid this issue please place wipes in the rubbish bin, not the loo.

Canberrans React to Wet-wipes Clogging Sewerage Pipes

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Why flushable wipes aren't flushable!

Help us wipe misleading claims off the shelves!

Add your name to the Choice petition to tell the major manufacturers and retailers of so-called flushable wipes to clean up their act and wipe these products off the shelves.

The Checkout - Product Recall

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