Your water meter

Every household has a water meter on the property that is usually in the front yard close to your property boundary line.

The meter measures the number of litres of water used in your house and garden. Your meter also has an isolation valve that turns the household water supply off during maintenance or in an emergency.

When it comes to your meter, we will;

  • Provide a 24-hour emergency phone service for you to report faults or leaks around the water meter. Talk to us on (02) 6248 3111.
  • In most cases, we maintain the connection pipe from the water main to the water meter, including the water meter and the isolation valve.
  • Read the meter on a quarterly basis for billing purposes.

You are responsible for maintaining the pipes and other water infrastructure on the "house" side of the meter.

What you need to do:

  • Keep the water meter box and protective lid in good condition.
  • Keep a one  (1) meter clearance around your water meter so we can safely read and repair your meter.
  • Protect the isolation valve/ball valve and water meter from damage. You may be charged for the cost to repair damage to the water meter, isolation valve/ball valve, water meter box or lid.
  • You must engage a licensed plumber for all plumbing work. However, you may change tap washers without engaging a licensed plumber.
  • Ensure all plumbing work connected to the Icon Water network is approved by the ACT Government Environment and Planning Directorate who administer the standards required for household plumbing installations and inspect new or modified plumbing works.

You can use your meter to track your usage yourself and to check for leaks in your home or garden

  • Read your meter at approximately the same time each month (Note both the black and red numbers).
  • Calculate your monthly water use by deducting the previous meter reading from the current reading.
  • Calculate your daily water use by dividing by the number of days in the month.

How do I read my meter?

New connections and disconnections

To organise the connection of a new meter to your property, or temporary disconnection of services, contact Icon Water on 02 6248 3111 or complete the request form and email it to us at

For a list of costs download the Water and sewer main connection prices

Download the request form: Request for quotation hydraulic work

Conveyancing and meter reading

If you are moving in or out of your home or would just like to have your meter re-read, you can request to have a special meter read.

I’d like to request a meter read. 

Reporting a fault

If you have a fault in your water meter, such as a leaking meter, let us know on 02 6248 3111 for 24-hour faults and emergency support.

The water meter replacement program

We have commenced a major water meter replacement program across the ACT that will see more than 18,000 residential water meters replaced by the end of 2017.

Find out more about the program and what it means for you. 

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Domestic meter installations

Relocation of a water meter

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Water meter application for unit development

Request for a special water meter reading

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