Temporary water connection

A contractor engaged in development works may request the provision of a temporary water supply for construction purposes. This would normally be in the form of an overhead filling point for road tankers.

A contractor requiring such a temporary water supply is required to make an application in writing to Icon Water stating details of the contract, the estimated quantity of water required, the preferred location for the filling point, and the time during which the filling point is required. The contractor will be required to pay Icon Water for the cost of installing the overhead filling point, and for removing it at the end of the contract.

The contractor will also be charged separately by Icon Water for the water used, which will be metered.

In the case of a contract for a subdivisional development a contractor may request a temporary water supply connection to a part or whole of the water supply reticulation system in a suburb, prior to its final completion and handover. Submission of this request, and payment for the temporary connection and the estimated quantity of water to be used, shall be made in the same manner as described above for an overhead filling point.

The temporary connection will incorporate a reflux valve to prevent backflow from the division into the existing reticulation system, and a hand-wheel operated valve for the contractors control. A meter may be included in this connection. The contractor may install an overhead standpipe for the filling of tankers downstream of the wheeled valve.

In an emergency, it may be necessary for Icon Water to restrict or shut off flow through the temporary connection to maintain supply to domestic consumers. For further information please phone 02 6248 3111 (opt "3").