New Icon Water water supply and sewerage standards

Icon Water has begun the process of transitioning from its current water supply and sewerage standards to Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) national codes.  As part of this transition, our “WSS series” of standard drawings have undergone an update, these standards depict how Icon Water’s water and sewerage network needs to be designed and constructed. 


Icon Water’s water supply and sewerage network must comply with the latest edition of the WSS series of standard drawings available below from Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Icon Water is also reviewing the various specifications and rules which accompany the standard drawing set. This will bring the ACT region in line with what the rest of Australia’s water supply and sewerage standards. Specific areas which we would like to hear your feedback include:

  • meter pits
  • above-ground meter cabinets
  • meters mounted in wall cavities
  • sewer riser (ties)
  • back-flow prevention.

Please email if you have any feedback or comments about the update for Icon Water's water supply and sewerage standards.

  See the Icon Water full combined set of WSS series drawings, otherwise you will find 
specific water supply and sewerage drawings below.