Appendix L

Appendix L - Work-as-Executed Records

1. Work-as-Executed Drawings

The drawings shall convey identical information to that shown on (a) the approved Master Plan, and (b) the approved drawings submitted in Design Submission 2. In addition the title block shall contain the estate name as per the Hydraulic Services Deed, and also the blocks and sections to which the drawings apply in the case of subdivisions, or the name of the gazetted road or street where block development is not involved.

Where a water main or sewer passes through a block, the offsets from the closest boundary are to be indicated at each end of that boundary.

2. Work-as-Executed Hydraulic Service Connection/Tie Information

  1. Tie and Connection Location Record

    Sewer and water tie/connection location measurement information is to be submitted in A4 prints (2 copies) and shall contain the following accurate measurements:

    1. Sewer ties:
      • T - length along sewer from the nearest boundary corner to the tie;
      • D - depth of the tie at the point where the private connection is made;
      • CH - chainage along the sewer, from the centre of the nearest downstream maintenance hole or other structure to the slope junction connected to the tie.
    2. Water connections:
      • T - length along the main from the nearest boundary corner to the connection.
      1. Accuracy of tie location measurements should be to the nearest 100mm;
      2. Refer to Icon Water's Water Supply and Sewerage Standards Part 2, Clause 6.7 and Part 3, Clause 6.2 for the location of ties;
      3. The tie size and material.
  2. Drawings

    The Work-as-Executed Hydraulic Connection/Tie Drawings are to be provided in the following format:

    1. Large scale subdivisions:
      • Work-as-Executed Hydraulic Connection Drawings (minimum scale 1: 500), 1 set of prints;
      • Block layout on field books, obtainable from Icon Water.

        Release 2 - Page 40

    2. Small scale projects (infill, single block changes etc.):
      • Block layout field books only, as for (a) above.

    All information shall be colour coded as follows:

    • Block boundaries - black
    • Sewer - red
    • Stormwater - green
    • Water - blue

    This colour code shall apply to the line and measurement information on the drawings. Each sheet shall be numbered and provided with a legend.

3. Bill of Quantities (BOQ)

Bill of Quantities requirements shall comply with AS 1181. Submittal to Icon Water will preferably be in electronic data format. Submitted BOQ forms for water supply and sewerage works shall contain piping details (which include diameters (DN), lengths, materials and classes), depth ranges and/or bedding types used (for sewerage works only), types of fittings and structures, their cost rates, and the overall quantity and total value of all assets being handed over to Icon Water.

A copy of the Water Supply and Sewerage BOQ forms can be found as an attachment to this document (below) or may be obtained from Icon Water's Northern Services Centre in Mitchell.

Bill of Quantities form — Sewerage Works

Bill of Quantities form — Water Supply