Appendix N

Appendix N - Trees and Shrubs

The following is a list of tree and shrub species that need to be restricted in the vicinity of hydraulic services within the ACT. This listing includes some of the more popular species used in urban design within the ACT but is in no way a consideration of all species. For further guidance on species not included below Icon Water advises the consultation of a tree specialist.

Not suitable for planting closer than 2.0 metres to pipes

Botanical name Local name

Acacia buxifolia

Box-leaved wattle

Banksia ericifolia

Heath banksia

Callistemon citrinus

Crimson bottlebrush

Euonymus Japonica

Evergreen spindle tree

Genista tinctoria


Logerstroemia indica

Pink crepe myrtle

Malus (species)

Flowering crabapples

Nerium oleander


Pyracantha (species)


Viburnum tinus


Not suitable for planting closer than 4.0 metres to pipes

Botanical name Local name

Angophora costata

Smooth-barked apple myrtle

Melaleauca armillaris

Bracelet honeymyrtle

Betula pendula

Silver birch

Eucalyptus cinerea

Argyle apple

Fraxinus excelsior "Aurea"

Golden ash

M. styphelioides

Prickly paperbark

Sophora japonica

Pagoda tree

Sorbus aucuparia

Rowan, mountain ash

Not suitable for planting in the suburban environment

Botanical name Local name

Acer negundo

Box elder maple

Casuarina cunninghamiana

River oak

Celtis australis

Southern nettle tree

E. globulus

Tasmanian blue gum

E. sideroxylon

Mugga or red ironbark

Fraxinus oxycarpa

Desert or caucasian ash

Pinus (species)


Populus (species)


Quercus (species)


Salix (species)


Ulmus (species)