• 1 Introduction

    1.1 General

    Icon Water Limited owns the water and sewerage infrastructure within the Australian Capital Territory. In addition it currently acts as an agent, on behalf of the ACT Government, for the quality control, construction handover inspections, and the maintenance and operation functions of the piped urban stormwater drainage system.

    This document details the procedures and requirements for the design, construction, and acceptance of water supply and sewerage infrastructure, built by developers, for incorporation into the systems owned and/or controlled by Icon Water. These procedures and associated documents may be varied from time to time. The user is advised to ascertain the currency of the documents in their possession.

    This document refers in the main to two parties:

    • The Developer (or a Consulting Engineer authorised to liaise with Icon Water on the Developer"s behalf) who is responsible for the preliminary design, detailed design, and the construction and defect rectification costs during the Defects Liability Period (if applicable) of water supply and sewerage assets associated with the development of land in the ACT; and
    • Icon Water Limited.

    Icon Water issues certificates only in relation to sewerage and water supply assets. The stormwater system is owned by the ACT Government, the Department of Urban Services being responsible for its design and operational acceptance. The Developer should therefore deal with the stormwater section within that department to obtain the required certificates for the stormwater system. 

    1.2 Technical requirements

    The technical requirements pertaining to the design and construction of water and sewerage assets are contained in Icon Water's

    Water Supply and Sewerage Standards

    : Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 and the Basic Specification (Reference 5.1).

    All design and construction of water supply and sewerage assets shall be in accordance with these documents and the Developer and/or the Developer"s Consulting Engineer shall make themselves familiar with them. Deviations from these requirements will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances, and to avoid delays, should be brought to Icon Water's attention prior to the submission of final design drawings. Specific approval in writing from Icon Water shall be obtained before any such deviations are permitted to be incorporated into the design.

    The requirements contained within Icon Water's. 

    Water Supply and Sewerage Standards

    take precedence over the requirements of the Basic Specification where discrepancies occur between the two documents. Arising differences are to be shown as exception clauses in contract specifications. Any difficulties or inconsistencies arising out of the use of the

    Water Supply and Sewerage Standards

    and the

    Basic Specification

    shall be referred to Icon Water for resolution.

    Appendix B details requirements that apply to ALL drawings submitted to Icon Water. Additional requirements are also specified for specific drawings. 

    1.3 Summary of processes

    The procedure to be followed depends on whether the water supply and sewerage assets to be created or affected by the work are of a


    or a


    nature, i.e. whether Icon Water regards the works as


    or otherwise. In making this decision Icon Water will consider the number of leases to be serviced and the value and strategic importance of the water and sewerage assets to be handed over to Icon Water.


    works are generally external works associated with the development of a single Land Act lease ("Associated Works"). Icon Water will confirm the status of any works when the Developer makes the first approach and is able to provide at least sketch details of the proposal. The following summary of approvals should be read in conjunction with Appendix M.

    TABLE 1: Summary of approval processes

    Process Step  Minor Works   Major Works or Other  Authorisation of Consulting Engineer  No Yes Preliminary Design Stage: Design Submission 1 and Staging Plan No Yes Detail Design Stage: Design Submission 2 Yes* Yes Construction Stage: Notification of Construction Commencement No Yes Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) No Yes Test Certificates No** Yes Hydraulic Services Deed, Security Undertaking, Provisional Certificate of Operation and Defects Liability Period No Yes Connection / Disconnection Yes Yes Work-as-Executed Survey and Work-as-Executed Records Yes*** Yes Handover Yes Yes Certificate of Operation Yes   Yes

    *Submission of External Services Plan (ES Plan).
    **Test Certificates are required if Icon Water mains are created.
    ***Only water connection and sewer tie drawings required unless Icon Water mains are created or removed.

    The required processes, summarised above, are detailed in the following section (Clause 2).

    A list of forms that need to be submitted is given in Clause 6 and Appendix M. Copies of the forms can be found as an attachment to this document or may be obtained from Icon Water's Northern Services Centre in Mitchell.

    Failure by the Developer to obtain appropriate agreements, approvals or certificates or to give required notifications may result in Icon Water refusing to accept handover of the works on completion, and could involve the Developer incurring substantial additional costs. For major works this may affect the ability to obtain Land Act leases for the development.

    Design Acceptance Processing and select Field Quality Control Inspections in relation to works covered by Icon Water's Water Supply and Sewerage Standards are currently being provided by Icon Water free of charge. Notice is herewith given that, in future years, charges in relation to these activities may be introduced in line with practice elsewhere in Australia.

  • 2 Asset development and approval process

    2.1 Preliminary information provided by Icon Water

    Prior to the issue of a lease for any given parcel of land offered for development, Icon Water will make available to all prospective buyers printed information and requirements arising from the Hydraulic Strategy Plans for the land offered in relation to:

    • Proposed trunk assets;
    • Proposed headworks;
    • Hydraulic interdependencies between land packages;
    • Temporary works required;
    • Icon Water charges and funding requirements;
    • Icon Water General Conditions of Supply.

    Prospective buyers are advised to contact Icon Water prior to the issue of the lease to make themselves acquainted with this information.

    2.2 Preliminary design and planning phase

    2.2.1 Authorisation for Consulting Engineer and insurance

    Authorisation for Consulting Engineer and insurance is not required for minor works.

    Prior to making any formal submissions or applications to Icon Water in relation to a development project, the Consulting Engineer must provide to Icon Water written authorisation from the Developer showing the consultant is permitted to liaise with Icon Water on the Developer"s behalf. This shall be provided by completing and submitting to Icon Water the form Advice on Proposed Hydraulic Works (WSSS — 0). The form is provided as an attachment to this document or can be obtained from Icon Water's Northern Services Centre in Mitchell.

    A Chartered Engineer is required to certify some documents. The Developer shall ensure that such a Chartered Engineer is covered by a current Professional Indemnity insurance policy for design, construction and supervision work at a level sufficient to cover a maximum possible claim in relation to the works being undertaken. The Developer shall document to Icon Water that such an insurance policy exists.

    2.2.2 Confirmation of existing assets (pre-design survey)

    After obtaining initial asset information from the various asset owners, the design agent shall confirm the location and nature of existing services and assets in the field. Confined spaces and live sewers should not be entered without prior approval from the owner of the asset concerned. In most cases, supervision or a safety team would need to be provided by the asset owner to enable safe access for the purpose of pre-design surveys.

    2.2.3 Design submission 1 — general

    Drawings must be submitted in two stages. The first submission includes Water Supply and Sewerage Master Plans and is required at the preliminary design stage for the following purposes:

    • to demonstrate that the proposals are in accordance with Icon Water's Hydraulic Strategy Plans for the wider area of which the development forms a part;
    • to bring to Icon Water's attention critical aspects of designs at an early stage; and
    • to allow Icon Water to comment on any relevant aspects.

    A completed design submission form, Design Submission — Water Supply and Sewerage (WSSS-1) shall be submitted together with Water Supply and Sewerage Master Plans for Design Submission 1.

    Subject to this first submission being satisfactory, Icon Water will issue an "Approval In Principle" to proceed with the detailed design. If significant changes become necessary during the detailed design an amended first submission will be required.

    This submission does not apply to minor works. However, a two stage design submission is required for sewerage work involving any of the following:

    • Any section of new reticulation which collects 100 equivalent persons (EP) or more; or
    • Any pump stations, rising mains, siphons, treatment works or other special hydraulic structures.

    If in doubt please confirm this requirement with Icon Water. In the case of special sewerage structures, advice must be sought from Icon Water regarding the required extent of the design submission.

    2.2.4 Water supply pressure information

    Prior to commencing the Master Plan the Designer will need to know the pressures available in Icon Water's existing main system at full development. This information can be supplied by Icon Water in response to a written request provided the following information is submitted:

    • a sketch showing the points of connection to Icon Water's existing and/or proposed main systems external to the land package;
    • the ultimate total peak hour water demand required at each connection point in litres per second;
    • the fire demand, in litres per second, if development in the parcel is other than residential housing, or if medium density development contains units more than one self-contained unit high and the fire rating obtainable from the ACT Fire Brigade.

    2.2.5 Water Supply Master Planning service

    Icon Water can provide a Water Supply Master Planning main sizing service for new developments at an agreed fee. The design will be done in accordance with Icon Water's Water Supply and Sewerage Standards and take account of the capacity of the existing water supply system surrounding the new area. It will also make provision for additional future development that can be anticipated at the time. If additional works are required external to the new development, the extent of this work will also be identified. The accent of the design will be to minimise the size of the mains which has both economic and water quality advantages. Icon Water has developed a computer program to optimise the design using a genetic algorithm which on larger networks can lead to a substantial reduction in the cost of the water network.

    The following design inputs are required to be provided by the consultant:

    • a contour plan showing the roads and areas to be developed, including the designated fire risk categories;
    • the proposed alignment of mains with node numbers assigned to all pipe intersections;
    • the type and area of development adjacent to each section of pipe;
    • the length of main for each section of pipe;
    • the reduced level of each assigned node;
    • the co-ordinates of each assigned node.

    The information required for the final 4 dot points above should be provided in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

    2.2.6 Design Submission 1 — Water Supply Master Plan

    The Developer is required to submit the following:

    • A completed design submission form Design Submission — Water Supply and Sewerage, WSSS — 1;
    • The Water Supply Master Plan (refer to Appendix C for detailed requirements);
    • A listing of block areas;
    • Calculations (based on Icon Water's Water Supply and Sewerage Standards, Part 2, Table 2-1 and Table 2-2) for maximum hourly demands and fire demands, especially at critical points, showing how the water mains sizes were arrived at.

    2.2.7 Sewerage strategy information

    Sewerage Strategy Plans are available from Icon Water for most potential land development areas, showing broad sewerage concepts, sizes and grades etc. of main collection elements.

    2.2.8 Design Submission 1 — Sewerage Master Plan

    The Master Plan must show the general layout proposed, as well as critical constraints on layout and basis of system sizing, sufficient to demonstrate that concepts are soundly based and are in accordance with Icon Water's Sewerage Strategy Plans (refer to Appendix D for detailed requirements).

    2.2.9 Staging Plan

    A Staging Plan is not required for minor works.

    Together with the first submission, the Developer will be required to submit a Staging Plan showing the proposed order in which all hydraulic assets within the relevant land package are intended to be constructed, and to identify any separable stages of the works for which handover inspections will be required.

    The Staging Plan submitted shall be at a scale of 1:2500.

    On accepting the Staging Plan Icon Water will issue an "Approval In Principle" to stage the proposed works.

    The submission of a Staging Plan is for Icon Water's information only. Icon Water's agreement to a proposed staging sequence does not absolve the Developer from his responsibility to ensure that the interdependencies between the various stages are properly considered. It remains the Developer"s responsibility to ensure that the separable stages of the works are fully serviced when handover is requested. Icon Water will not accept handover unless the leases are fully serviced in accordance with the approved drawings and are able to be permanently connected to the hydraulic systems. Icon Water will not accept temporary connections to developments.

    Furthermore, to expedite subsequent Icon Water involvement, a broad indication should be given at this stage of approximate dates on which handover inspections are anticipated to be required. As charges are involved for connections it may be in the Developer"s interest to minimise the number of handover parcels.

    2.3 Detail design phase

    2.3.1 Design Submission 2

    Design Submission 2 is required from the Developer at the document readiness stage of design. It is expected that all aspects relating to planning issues will have been resolved in the Design Submission 1 stage and that only detailed aspects of the design remain to be examined by Icon Water.

    Design Submission 2 must include the following documents submitted together:

    • The completed design submission form, Design Submission — Water Supply and Sewerage (WSSS — 1);
    • One copy of the portions of the specifications for the hydraulic assets which are NOT based on the Basic Specification (Reference 5.1) or of any exception clauses to the Basic Specification relevant to the works;
    • An amended Master Plan, if the design proposes any changes to the Master Plan as approved in the preliminary design stage.
    • Drawings highlighting all the proposed hydraulic assets on the same sheets (the water mains in blue, sewers in red and stormwater system in green), and giving details described in Appendix E and Appendix F. The drawings shall have the Designer"s signature and be checked prior to submittal.

    For minor works four (4) full sets of the ES Plan drawings shall be submitted together with the approvals form Application for External Services Design Approval (WSSS — 2).

    In other cases a single set should be submitted initially and, if the design is accepted without change, one additional set submitted after the design has been accepted, but PRIOR to the issue of the Certificate of Design Acceptance. If any changes are required an additional two (2) sets must be submitted before the certificate is issued.

    Any deviations from the technical requirements of Icon Water's Water Supply and Sewerage Standards (e.g. proposed use of other than approved materials etc.) shall be highlighted at this time. Written agreement must be obtained from Icon Water before any such deviations can be implemented. Failure to obtain such agreement may result in Icon Water refusing to accept handover of the works on completion, could involve the Developer incurring substantial additional costs, and may affect his ability to obtain Land Act leases for the development.

    Refer to Appendix E for detailed submission requirements for water supply and Appendix F for detailed submission requirements for sewerage.

    2.3.2 Certificate of Design Acceptance

    A Certificate of Design Acceptance will be issued if the submission is satisfactory and in accordance with Design Submission 1. Otherwise appropriate comment will be provided and the Developer will be required to submit an amended Design Submission 2.

    In order to avoid delays, it is in both the Designer"s and the Developer"s interest to ensure that the submitted documents are detailed and accurate.

    The Certificate of Design Acceptance signifies agreement by Icon Water to the design and must be obtained prior to the commencement of construction of any works forming part of Icon Water's water supply and sewerage systems.

    With respect to sewage pump stations the Certificate of Design Acceptance is valid for a period of 12 months. This means that the Developer will be allowed 12 months to complete the construction of the pump station and apply for final inspection and handover. Once this period is exceeded a resubmission of the design for approval (repeat of Design Submission 2) will be required.

    2.4 Construction phase

    2.4.1 Notification of Construction Commencement

    Notification of Construction Commencement is not required for minor works.

    Prior to commencing construction the Developer"s consultant shall submit to Icon Water:

    • An updated Staging Plan, required only in cases where development is to proceed in stages and each approved stage is transferred separately to Icon Water following satisfactory construction and testing of water mains and sewers in the stage. This updated staging plan must include:
      1. Proposals for the construction of water supply works and sewers in stages of the subdivision. For water supply the stages shall be defined by locked valves or temporary blank ends (such valves shall be anchored by the Contractor in an approved manner across the body of the valve during construction. Blank ends shall be anchored in an approved manner. Sewers shall be disconnected at the boundary to adjoining upstream stages and shall only flow into a fully operational sewerage system);
      2. A procedure for the construction of the works in stages, in such a sequence that will enable both the water supply and sewerage to the subdivision to be available from the existing systems in a logical order of development;
      3. Proposals for the temporary connection of works in each stage, in order to provide water supply to the stages for construction purposes.
    • Notification of the intention to commence work using the form Advice on Commencement of Construction of Hydraulic Works (WSSS — 3) (required for each approved stage prior to commencing work for that stage).
    • Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs). The ITPs shall conform to AS/NZS 3905, Part 2 for use in conjunction with AS 9002, and shall include all acceptance parameters specified in Appendix H for all relevant sections of work.

    2.4.2 Pipe layer accreditation requirements

    The handling, laying, jointing and backfilling of all pipelines is to be performed under the direct and continuous supervision of an accredited pipe layer (refer Appendix G). The Developer must, if requested by Icon Water, provide evidence that pipe layers engaged on site are appropriately accredited.

    2.4.3 Acceptance tests

    The Developer is responsible for carrying out all scheduled inspections and tests detailed in Appendix H, for recording the associated test data in accordance with Clause 11 of Appendix H, and for supplying these records to Icon Water. The Developer must give Icon Water two (2) working days notice of conducting any test.

    2.4.4 Quality control inspections

    Under the Hydraulic Services Deed, Icon Water and its authorised agents have the right to enter upon the site of the works at any time to inspect any hydraulic assets which will later form part of Icon Water's water and/or sewerage network.

    Icon Water will carry out random "Quality Control Inspections" during the course of construction (refer to Appendix J and Appendix K). Such inspections may include random attendance at acceptance testing conducted by the Developer, undertaking repeat acceptance tests, or any other inspections or testing to ensure that the materials and construction of Icon Water's future assets complies with the Water Supply and Sewerage Standards and the approved design documentation.

    The Developer must also arrange for formal inspections by Icon Water at the completion of works, prior to handover, and at any other stage specifically identified by Icon Water. Icon Water will require a minimum of two working days notice, in writing, for formal inspections.

    All items found by Icon Water, during any inspection, to be unsatisfactory will be identified to the Developer or his consultant and shall be rectified prior to the handover inspection. If deemed necessary, Icon Water will advise the Developer or his consultant of the need for re-inspection prior to handover.

    2.4.5 Work-as-Executed Survey

    In order to permit efficient operation and maintenance of Icon Water's water supply and sewerage systems it is essential to have accurate and detailed information on the size and location of the assets.

    Such information is also essential to facilitate future connections and extensions to these systems and to permit other utilities such as electricity, telephone and gas to be installed and maintained.

    This information must be recorded during the construction of the hydraulic assets when access to the pipes is still freely available. The Developer must undertake Work-as-Executed Surveys using a suitably qualified person before trenches have been closed and tops are placed on maintenance holes, sumps and other hydraulic structures.

    Obtaining this information during construction also allows the Contractor and consultant to keep a check on the quality of construction as it proceeds.

    Refer to Appendix I for detailed Work-as-Executed Survey requirements.

    2.4.6 Changes to approved design

    The approved design for which a Certificate of Design Acceptance has been issued is the design which Icon Water expects to be constructed and presented to it at the inspection prior to handover.

    Any proposed changes to this approved design will require further approval from Icon Water. Proposed changes may be of a minor or major nature. Minor changes may be approved in writing on site by Icon Water. Major changes will require the submittal for approval of fully documented amended design drawings, which shall be subjected to the normal approval process (including revised first and/or second submissions) prior to their construction.

    It is at the discretion of Icon Water to decide what constitutes a minor or major change. To avoid delays it may be in the interest of the Developer to submit full details of any proposed changes for approval well in advance of the inspection. All approved changes, minor and major, shall be shown on the amended design drawings (see below).

    2.5 Hydraulic Services Deed and Security Undertaking

    The Hydraulic Services Deed and Security Undertaking do not apply to minor works. "Associated Works" are, however, covered by a Deed and Bond (Security Undertaking) with the ACT Government.

    Prior to commencement of construction the Developer must:

    • Execute a legally binding agreement (Hydraulic Services Deed) with ACTEW regarding standards which shall apply to the planning, design and construction; and
    • Provide an unconditional Security Undertaking (e.g. bank guarantee) of an amount in accordance with a schedule published and revised from time to time by ACTEW. This Security Undertaking shall be available to be drawn on by Icon Water under conditions specified in the Hydraulic Services Deed to cover rectification of any defects.

    The Hydraulic Services Deed is in addition to the Deed of Agreement (the "Principal Deed") entered into for each estate by the Developer and the ACT Government.

    The relevant Developer shall keep the Security Undertaking in place while works are in construction and during the Defects Liability Period.

    2.6 Handover

    2.6.1 Arrangement for handover inspection

    When all or an approved stage of the work is complete and ready for inspection the Developer must apply to Icon Water to carry out the formal handover inspection. The application must include:

    1. Application form WSSS — 4 (Application for Provisional Certificate of Operation) for Icon Water to issue a Provisional Certificate of Operation. This form requires a signed declaration that the works have been inspected by the consultant, are in accordance with the approved documents, and are ready for handover to Icon Water;
    2. Two (2) sets of As Constructed drawings;
    3. Copies of all relevant test reports / certificates covering the works;
    4. Arrange with Icon Water for connection to the existing system.

    As Constructed drawings are approved design drawings with the following attributes:

    • Works that have been constructed are to be clearly shown highlighting all changes to the approved design (minor and major);
    • Are certified by the consultant to the effect that the works, as constructed and shown on the drawings, meet all the performance and service requirements of the design for which the original Certificate Of Design Acceptance was issued; and
    • The boundaries of the area and the extent of work being handed over are marked in red.

    These drawings will replace the approved design drawings as the record of the assets to be handed over. These marked up drawings should be handed to Icon Water's Hydraulic Development Inspectors.

    2.6.2 Handover inspections

    The formal handover inspection will be carried out following:

    • Completion of all roads, kerbs, gutters, landscaping, and the installation of survey block pegs;
    • Receipt of all the above listed documentation.

    If the constructed works offered to Icon Water for handover are not in accordance with the As Constructed drawings, Icon Water will refuse to inspect, test or accept the works for handover until either remedial works are carried out, or properly approved amended design drawings are available.

    Final inspections will commence from the top (upstream) end of the line and proceed down to the bottom (downstream) end.

    Icon Water does NOT check every small aspect of the Contractor's work. Such detail checking is the responsibility of the consultant and the clerk of works.

    Water supply items usually checked during the final inspection are listed in Appendix J.

    Sewerage items usually checked during the final inspection are listed in Appendix K.

    2.6.3 Handover of works

    Assumption of responsibility for operation and maintenance by Icon Water will be on the basis of completed stages only.

    All stages of development shall be developed sequentially in accordance with the approved staging program.

    All connections to operational assets shall be carried out by Icon Water and the costs of these connections will be charged to the Developer by Icon Water.

    1. Water supply

      If development proceeds in stages then, following the handover of one stage of the subdivision and subject to the conditions in Part 1, General Design Standards (Clause 7) of Icon Water's Water Supply and Sewerage Standards, Icon Water will remove locks from, and open valves between that stage and the next to allow supply to the next stage.

      In cases where an overhead standpipe has been erected for filling of tankers the standpipe shall be removed and erected, if required, at a suitable location in the next stage of the subdivision before permanent connections are made.

      Following the completion and acceptance of all water supply works in the next stage, all locked valves between it and the previous stage will be opened by Icon Water. The Developer shall meet all costs associated with this procedure. In the subdivision, all standpipes shall be removed prior to completion of the remaining connections to existing live mains by Icon Water.
    2. Sewerage

      No connection between completed stages and stages under construction shall occur. Connections between live sewers and sewers in stages being handed over shall only be made by Icon Water.

    2.6.4 Provisional Certificate of Operation

    The Provisional Certificate of Operation and the Defects Liability Period do not apply to minor works.

    After the works are accepted and connected to the relevant systems, Icon Water will issue a Provisional Certificate of Operation. The date shown on this certificate marks the date on which responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the works is transferred to Icon Water and the date of commencement of the Defects Liability Period.

    The Provisional Certificate of Operation certificate is also required by the ACT Government prior to the issue of Land Act leases to the Developer.

    2.6.5 Conditional Certificate of Operation

    If for some reason a Provisional Certificate of Operation cannot be issued at the time of handover, but Icon Water is satisfied that the Developer has completed the hydraulic works substantially in accordance with all its requirements, it may, at its discretion and upon request from the Developer, issue a Conditional Certificate of Operation. This conditional certificate:

    • Does NOT replace the Provisional Certificate of Operation to be issued at a later date;
    • Is issued setting out the conditions under which Icon Water is prepared to accept handover of the works. These conditions may include a covenant from the Developer to inform and keep informed all persons affected by the non-issue of the provisional certificate.
    • Will allow the Developer to obtain the Land Act leases for the development.

    2.7 Work-as-Executed Records

    The Developer shall submit Work-as-Executed Records to Icon Water at the following stages:

    • For minor works: when applying for a Certificate of Operation and connection to Icon Water's networks.
    • In other cases: in sufficient time to allow processing of the Work As Executed Records prior to issue of the Provisional Certificate of Operation for the works.

    Work-as-Executed Records shall comprise:

    • Work-as-Executed Drawings;
    • Work-as-Executed Hydraulic Connection / Tie Information;
    • Costed Bills of Quantities for ACTEW assets.

    Detailed requirements are given in Appendix L.

    Fees will apply to the submission of unsatisfactory WAE records as per a schedule published from time to time.

    One full size set of transparencies of the Work-as-Executed Drawings of suitable quality for scanning shall be submitted. Each transparency shall be signed and certified by a Chartered Engineer to the effect that:

    • The Work-as-Executed Drawings are correct;
    • The hydraulic works shown in these drawings have been properly constructed in accordance with the relevant conditions, approved drawings, standards and specifications.

    2.8 Defects liability phase

    2.8.1 Defects Liability Period

    The Defects Liability Period does not apply to minor works.

    A Defects Liability Period of one year will commence from the date shown on the Provisional Certificate of Operation. At the end of this period Icon Waterwill issue the Certificate of Operation.

    Once accepted for handover by Icon Water, further work by the Developer on operational assets is NOT permitted. The liability for the expenses associated with any rectification work required during the Defects Liability Period on operational assets, as a result of defective materials, poor workmanship or departure from approved design drawings and certified Work-as-Executed Records, or consequential damage or loss to any assets under the control of Icon Water, rests with the Developer. The necessary works will be undertaken by Icon Water at the Developer"s expense.

    Wherever possible, Icon Water will attempt to notify the Developer of any apparent defects prior to repairs being undertaken to enable the Developer to carry out inspections. Urgent repairs will, however, be carried out immediately by Icon Water.

    Failures resulting from suspected defective materials will be identified to the Developer who will have the opportunity to inspect the faulty components for a period of one month after repairs have been carried out.

    2.8.2 Arranging final clearance

    One month before the end of the Defects Liability Period, Icon Water will carry out an inspection of the works to determine any defective items requiring rectification or any outstanding incomplete items requiring completion. The Developer may attend the inspection and Icon Water will give reasonable notice of the inspection.

    After this inspection Icon Water will issue:

    • A final inspection report giving details of any action necessary to ensure proper operation and satisfactory compliance with Icon Water's Water Supply and Sewerage Standards and the Work-as-Executed Records; and
    • A written rectification estimate for the above work.

    If for any reason the actual cost of the final rectification work is not or will not be known within the period of two months after the final inspection, Icon Water will provide to the Developer a rectification estimate based on the reasonable costs to carry out these works.

    2.9 Certificate of Operation

    For minor works Icon Water will issue the Certificate of Operation at the time of connection to Icon Water's networks.

    For other works Icon Water will issue the Certificate of Operation:

    • Within 7 (seven) days after the satisfactory completion of the final rectification work identified in the final inspection report and when the payment for that work has been received, provided;
    • All requirements under Icon Water's Hydraulic Services Deed have been discharged.

    The Certificate of Operation signifies that Icon Water will make no further claims on the Developer"s Security Undertaking for defects in the hydraulic works. 

  • 3 Standards covering approvals practice

    Work carried out and testing performed under this clause shall comply with the requirements of the SAA Codes and Standards listed below, to the extent that these are relevant and cannot be overridden by Icon Water's Water Supply and Sewerage Standards. Any queries are to be referred to the Manager, Water and Sewerage Assets.

    SAA Standards must include current amendments at the time of use.

    AS 1100  Technical Drawing;
    Part 101 (AS 1100.101) - General Principles (1992),
    Part 201 (AS 1100.201) - Mechanical Engineering Drawing (1992),
    Part 301 (AS 1100.301) - Architectural Drawing (1985),
    Part 401 (AS 1100.401) - Engineering Survey and Engineering Survey Design Drawing (1984),
    Part 501 (AS 1100.501) - Structural Engineering Drawing (1985). 
    AS 1181 Method of Measurement of Civil Engineering Works and Associated Building Works (1982) 
    AS/NZS 3905   Quality System Guidelines, Part 2 (AS 3905.2) - Guide to Quality System Standards AS/NZS ISO 9001, AS/NZS ISO 9002 and AS/NZS ISO 9003 for Construction (1997)
    AS 9002  Quality Systems - Model for Quality Assurance in Production, Installation and Servicing (1994) 


  • 4 Standard drawings

    Please see Transport Canberra and Community Services' Standard Drawings - 04 Verge Design.

    Please see the new Icon Water water supply and sewerage standards.  

  • 5 References

    5.1 Totalcare document, ACT Public Works "Basic Specification — Roads, Hydraulic Services, Landscape", Edition No 1 (July 1991) as amended (including in particular Corrigendum No 1 to Volume 1, 11 December 1992) plus the associated "Users Guide for the Basic Specification".

    5.2 Roads and Transport Section, ACT Department of Urban Services, "Standard Engineering Practice — Roads and Bridges", Draft No 5, 5 November 1995.

    5.3 Water Board, Australian Conduit Condition Evaluation Manual, First Edition, June 1991, Sydney.  

  • 6 List of forms required

    Please see the updated forms on the