Document history

This document had its origins in specifications and practices developed by the Commonwealth Department of Construction and the Commonwealth Department of Territories.

These documents were formalised in 1985 by the National Capital Development Commission (NCDC) to form the set of documents titled, Guidelines on Engineering and Environmental Practice (GEEP). The responsibility for hydraulic infrastructure standards in the ACT was transferred from the NCDC to the ACT Electricity and Water Authority at its formation in 1988. In 1993 ACTEW (now Icon Water) reviewed the GEEP Hydraulics document to produce the ACT Water Supply and Sewerage Standards (WSSS).

The WSSS document is reviewed periodically to accommodate developments of new materials and practices. The objectives of each review are to set frameworks for new technologies and recently developed practices, and to embody amendments issued since 1993. To this affect a first major review encompassing extensive public consultation began in 1998.

A notice of intention to review the WSSS was first advertised in August 1998. Comments received were investigated and a 1st Draft of the new document (Release 2) was compiled accordingly. A 2nd Draft was published in September 1999, with consultation in relation to the 2nd Draft being accepted until the end of November 1999. Subsequent to this a Final Draft was published at the beginning of June 2000, with further consultation in relation to the Final Draft being accepted until the end of June 2000. During the review period all comments were processed, with issues of substance being followed up and relevant persons providing comment.

Release 2 of Icon Water's WSSS has been published and issued to the industry during July 2000. It accounts for work being undertaken at a national level with a view of National Standardisation as outlined in Part 1, General Design Standards (Clause 1.3).

Release 2 has become mandatory from 1 November 2000. However, in February 2001 representatives from the Land Development Industry brought to Icon Water's attention a number of amendment proposals concerning Release 2. A meeting with these representatives was held in March 2001 to discuss these amendment proposals, where a list of agreed outcomes was produced.

Icon Water has since compiled Amendment 1 to Release 2, which has been issued to the industry during December 2001. The changes reflected in Amendment 1 have become mandatory from December 2001.

The document has been re-formatted to standardise the document style of the four components.

For a listing of document revisions and amendments refer to the revision record and Amendment Record which have been provided as an attachment to the documented history.