Did you know that...

A leaking toilet can waste up to 700 litres of water per day.

A dripping tap can waste up to 150 litres of water per day.

A broken sprinkler head can waste up to 40 litres of water per minute.

How do I know if I have a leak?

    It’s really important that you know what’s going on at your house when it comes to water and usage - particularly as the days heat up and our patterns of water use increase. 

It might be that you’ve noticed some greener patches around your yard, you can constantly hear running water, or that you have received a higher than usual water bill. Any of these might indicate that you have a leak.

How to check if I have a leak?

If you suspect you have a leak you can do this simple test before calling a licensed plumber.

Step one: Turn off all water appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers and ensure no water is being used in your house.

Step two: Locate your meter and make a note of the numbers last thing at night. Read the black and red numbers from left to right – the black represent kilolitres (1000 litres) and the red represent litres.

Step three: The next morning, before you use any water check your meter again and compare the numbers to the night before. If no water has been used and the numbers on your meter have changed you may have a leak

Where should I look for leaks?

Inside the home

Look in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry for any dripping taps; washing machine and dishwasher connections; and damp patches on the walls. Also check your toilet cistern for leaks by placing a few drops of food colour in the tank. Without flushing it, see whether you can detect any colour in the toilet bowl.

Outside the home

Look at your garden taps, hoses, and sprinklers; check hot water systems and air conditioning units; green or damp patches around your property and under your house if you can. 
If you're still not sure, download our
High Water Use Checklist for further ideas

How can I have a leak repaired?

We suggest that you contact Master Plumbers ACT on 02 6112 8630 who can recommend a licensed plumber. If the issue is not on the home side of the water meter then your plumber will contact us for a reimbursement and you will not be responsible for their cost.

Residential undetected leak adjustment

If you have experienced an undetected water leak you may be eligible for a one-off adjustment of your water consumption charges. Find out if you're eligible.

Our advice to protect yourself

  • Read your meter at approximately the same time each month (note both numbers).
  • Calculate your monthly water use by deducting the previous meter reading from the current reading.
  • Calculate your daily water use by dividing by the number of days in the month.