Tariff Pricing Structure

As a household or business in Canberra, you should be familiar with the structure of the tariffs that Icon Water charges for water and sewerage services. To ensure we're taking care of Canberra and its surrounding regions, we need to understand community views on how these tariffs should be structured. To find out how to have your say, visit iconwater.com.au/talkingiconwater

The tariffs charged by Icon Water for water and sewerage services include fixed supply charges and additional charges that vary depending on how much water you use. These tariffs are regulated by the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC).

The ICRC is currently conducting a review of the tariff structure. The review will consider:

  • Whether tariffs should vary between different customer types
  • Whether the usage price should change when specified usage levels are reached
  • The balance between fixed charges and usage prices.

Icon Water is seeking to ensure that we have community input in our decision-making processes. We want to know your views on how tariffs should be structured. 

In our current tariff structure, charges are the same for both residential and non-residential customers. The current water tariff structure is made up of:

 Pricing structure graphic representationResidential and non residential customers

 Figures based on a 92 day billing cycle.

Removing the tier in the usage price

Currently, the water usage charge doubles once a customer has used more than 50kL in a quarter.

Some customers like the tiers because it allows household water use for health and hygiene purposes to be charged at a discounted rate and tends to result in relatively low bills for one- and two-person households.

Some customers dislike the tiers because families and businesses tend to use more water and therefore are charged a higher amount and it discourages gardens.