Guaranteed Service Level Rebates

We are required to meet certain standards in relation to the service we provide to you. You may be eligible for a Rebate in circumstances where service obligations, known as Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) and outlined in the Consumer Protection Code**, are not met. We pride ourselves on the service we provide,  however, if you believe that we have not met any of the service obligations listed below, you are able to register a complaint or talk to us about this.    

GSL1 - Connection times
As water and sewage services are currently continually connected, this GSL is not relevant at this time.

GSL 2 - Responding to complaints
All complaints received by Icon Water will be acknowledged as soon as possible and a meaningful response will be provided to you within 20 business days or a rebate of $20 may be payable. 

GSL 3 - Planned interruptions
Icon Water will provide at least two business days’ notice to each premise that may be affected by an interruption to either your water or sewer services (i.e. there is no water flow to your property and/or you are unable to discharge into the sewer network). We will take reasonable steps to ensure that services are restored as quickly as possible. If you are not notified a minimum of two business days before the planned interruption a rebate of $50 may be payable.  

GSL 4 and GSL 5- Unplanned interruptions
An unplanned interruption to your water and/or sewer services, i.e. there is no water flow to your property and/or you are unable to discharge into the sewer network, occurs due to an unexpected fault and associated repair. In such circumstance we will work to restore services as quickly as possible. If services are not restored within 12 hours a rebate of $80 may be payable. 

If you experience more than nine unplanned interruptions in a financial year a rebate of $80 may be payable.

GSL 6 - Response times to network faults
In cases where a network fault is likely to affect public health or is causing (or has the potential to cause) substantial harm to the community or damage to property, we will respond within six hours and resolve the problem or concern within the time specified in the response. In all other cases we will respond within 48 hours and resolve the issue in accordance with any time specified in the response. In cases where this obligation is not met a rebate of $60 per day for each day that exceeds the stated response or repair time up to a maximum of $300 may be payable.

** A full copy of the Consumer Protection Code is available on the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission website - Consumer Protection Code 2020