Understanding my water use

There are a variety of reasons that can impact on your water usage and this will ultimately effect your bill.

To help you track your usage we include a graph of your usage on your bill, you can also review your full usage history by signing up to My Icon Water.  

Why has your water usage increased?

On average an irrigation system will use around 25 litres of
water per minute - that's 1500 litres of water in one hour! 
Find out which plants use less water - Canberra Plant Selector 

Remember to compare your usage with the
same time last year, rather than with your
previous bill, to track your household trends.


This can add up if they stay for a week
or two.
Did you know that evaporative coolers can
use up to 90 litres of water per hour.

A slow dripping tap can lose about 5,000 litres of water
over a three month period.

Find out how to check for
You can detect issues by reading your water meter
frequently and calculating your average daily use.

Not sure how to
read your meter?
Find out about the average water consumption for a typical Australian household.
Still not sure about your water use? Download the High Water Use Checklist